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Each one of us experiencing alone, sometimes it is our personal choice or maybe we have no choice. There are saying that we become more productive and creative when we are alone because we discover our talent and our inner strengths. I guess it is true, in my personal experience there are many times I’m  experiencing to be alone like eating in the fast food alone, shopping, going from different place to another. With this experience I discover new knowledge; I talk to many unfamiliar people like exchanging ideas. I found out that I can be alone with the reason that I want to know myself more. But not all the time being alone is good, because when you want to hang out to your friends there is some instances that you don’t want to accompany them because you are always with yourself alone the tendency is you want to escape with them which is not god. We should balance our life; there is time for god, to you, family and to others. Because we cannot solve all our problems alone sometimes our friends give us good advice and support to overcome this.

We can use the social networking sites like facebook and twitter to spread to them how you feel or what you want to do.  Don’t limit yourself in finding some friend it is good to talk to new people whom you not met before. I do it most of the time because I am a friendly person and I like to talk to different ‘people because there is no way to getaway to them because for me I feel discomfited when I didn’t know the name of my classmate for the whole semester. In my own experience even though I have many friends and best friend I’ll try to know another person. I don’t care if he/ she rejects me because that what he /she is we cannot pleased all the people around us.

I cannot imagine that through the years I have influence many people because of my bubbly personality and I’m happy that they recognized me. I love to talk to people; I can say that it’s my passion to interview them. I don’t know why I’m like that maybe since high school I’m really friendly that why it is emotionally involved in my personality.


Feet on the go

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Shoes is the first love of us girls why? Because a good pair of shoes will show how much you value yourself. I always buy cheaper shoes but the quality is the most important, it’s not about the price tag but how you value the money you invest for those shoes.
We tend to buy different shoes for different occasion, and sometimes our feet suffer from foot ache because of high heels that we wore. But always bear in your mind that always consider the care of your feet. Because in this way you can enjoy to go anywhere without pain. I, personally buy shoes according to purpose, for school shoes I bought comfortable shoes that suit my need I consider the leather that the shoes are made of because it must not absorbed the water when it rains because it is the major cause of shoes fracture so beware of that. I also invest to the feet protector that is available in the market. I find it very useful in a way that I avoid having any scars in my heel and I feel relaxed when I wear this foot protector. It is quite expensive but the effect is everlastingly.
Don’t just be contented in wearing socks because “prevention is better than cure”. We must take care of our foot like how we value our face. Some girls invest in toner, cream and mask for their face. But their foot is somehow failing to remember. Like our face our foot need also to experience massage and cream to make it look clean and fair. I will give you some points to remember in taking care of your feet.
First, after a long hours of standing (whether in a bus terminal, in the malls or in the fastfood), relax you feet by putting some baby oil take note do not wash your feet after your strenuous day because it can cause varicose veins. Second, apply some lotion to your feet to moisturize and wear socks before you sleep to keep the moisturizing effect of the lotion absorbed by your feet. Lastly maintain cleanliness in your foot because it adds plus factor to make your day upset free. When you wear a simple flip-flop you feel rich because you have a pinkish white flawless foot like some elite people.
If you will practice these steps I will guarantee you that every time you woke up the first part of your body that you will be concern about is your feet. Treat them like how you manage your face. And always pay attention to the black or reddish painful spot in our foot because of wrong shoes and carelessness of your own fault. It takes a month before these marks lighten.

Most of us do not pay attention on how we organized things. It is not a difficult task, all you need is time and consistency. Before, at my pre-teens stage I put all my things everywhere in the house. And the result when I need to find something it consumes time and it can cause your bad day.
When I grew up I look through different kind of magazines I saw a lot of organizer that are available in the market. And as time passed by I practiced to be organized. First I practiced it in my closet I’m not arranging them by color but according to my use. Second my school stuff, I buy a lot of clear book to makes it look nicer when I need to find something.
And now since I’m in college I have no time to fix my things and I’m glad that my organizer teach me to be organize. I don’t want my bag to look messy when I opened it so I have a different color of pouch wherein I separate my kikay kit, pens, and even coin purse and paper bills. And when I need to change my bag all I have to do is to get my pouch and transferred it with another bag and I’m ready to go. You don’t need to check it one by one because once you know the color of the pouch where your stuff belongs you can find it easily. It is also advisable to buy clear/ plastic made pouch to see your belongings inside. One of my favourite magazine stated that “being organize reflects a person’s personality ”. Meaning without talking, your action or behaviour speaks how you manage things. We must practiced to be neat in our important things. You must invest with a cheap but chic pouch or organizer depending on your used. Like me I’m a student I buy medium sized pouch to fit all my precious things. When you perfectly done it, I assure you every time you open your bag you end up with a smile because its nicer to look at things when it is properly arrange.