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This is me

Posted: September 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

I dont want to be an ordinary student who learn and read inside the classroom I want to be unique in a way that I can help others and to grow up. Because I want to learn something that an extra ordinary person can do.



SBMA week

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SBMA week is over, It is very tiring day but I learned a lot from other people , I want to share this learning lessons that I discover:

-I learned to be independent with myself without others

-I can manage my time properly

-I can handle my own project (Although I commit mistakes I promise that I will do a better job)

-I knew a lot of people

It is only some of myself experience, I believe that in the future I can do a great Job. I want to groom myself by means of reading and experience

I would like to thanks my student council friends who always there for me…


Bye La Naval

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I am honest to say that in my almost 3 years in Letran this is the first time that I become serious in attending the mass and deepening my faith in La Naval.

I think during my first year in Letran I am focused on academic subjects and thinking that attending the mass will result in missing any quizzes on other subjects. People change that’s how can I define myself right now because it change my wants and view in life. After the mass we procession that ends in the corner of Chowking.

Bye La Naval…



Yesterday I was sad because of the result of my midterm examination. Well life goes on I need to accept the fact; I know it’s my fault and I have to face the consequence. This Sunday is another family day for me. Waking up with a smile in my face because of the burning excitement that I feel today.

Finally I can experience the theme park of Nuvali located at Sta. Rosa. I can’t explain my excitement while we are finding where to park ou car.I was amaze in the fish in man-made pond and we enjoy boat riding. I feel the fresh air of the sunny day morning and the clean surroundings within it.

All I can say is “WOW” I really enjoy this place.

After Nuvali experienced we shift in another destination which is Paseo de Roxas, we eat lunch here and our road trip will not be complete without shopping. My taste of clothes change into much simpler one. I bought belt and blouse at the shopping centre.


After 12 years, I am here at E.K remembering the elem. Days of my life. Why?? Because during our field trip it is always our last way or itinerary before leaving. I am very very happy to see wizard and enjoy the rides. My parents didn’t even try to experiences the whoahh and hurray of the heart beating rides. I understand them because of the long hours of walking here and there in paseo their energy is lesser now.

I see a lot of changes in this park way back 1999…

Ooops it rains but it’s okay we entertain by the music of freestyle in e.k food court.

One happy Family 🙂

Sm again with kat and tricia

Posted: September 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

Statistics No more, I love this Saturday that full of fun memories. Kat and tricia make my day, we eat lunch at Mcdo. They are very nice person taht I have met in the rest of mylife. They were both approacahble and kind to me. They make me express who I am. They trust me a lot, and I also trust them in telling my secrets and funny memories in life Thank you very much 🙂

Spanish plans for finals seems too late but at least we exchange Idea with each other. I hope it will work good luck to my fellow marketing classmates…

Gala mode with anne and ate dynah

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super exhaust about my score in Law, so I need to relieve my stress..Sm with my good friends Anne and Ate dynah 🙂


Yakult for healthy digestion

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JAZ is addict in drinking yakult that’s the true fact for a healthy digestion of food.

I love Yakult…Di makakalampas ang week ko na to without drinking yakult. yum yum