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Spell beautiful?

Posted: October 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

I consider myself beautiful yeah its true, its hard to find the meaning of beauty if you/ yourself do not consider it. I think living a simple life and proper mindset reveals your real personality. I admit before I envy a woman who possess  a clear skin, long hair, perfect face and amazing talent but college life change me a lot.

I look into myself and ask why I need to become them and why I envy them, there is no reason to be sad because when I look at my back I see a lot of beutiful blessings that only found within our home.

HOME which I will called my couch, why? beacuse I can sit back and relax in our home having a peace of mind and free to share all my thoughts  with my love one which is my parents with regards to the things that I want to do.

Our HOME is unique yes it is, we eat delicious foods, we have a soft bed, we free to do what we want and the love and courage to each other tighter our relationships.

Sometimes we experience trouble when it comes to my grand father but we treat it as gods will we have no doubt; we just accept it. Thats why whatever problems that comes to us we remain quiet and feel the same.

I hope some teens realized that we are all unique and we can find beauty if we learn first how to love our self, family and god 🙂


Unplanned arrival

Posted: October 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

Im off to Calamba right now, actually it is my personal decision, even though my exam for tomorrow(tuesday) will start at 1p.m.

Before I leave in our house my mom cooks “sopas” my favorite comfort food in this cold season. I needed to say goodbye to them because i need to use my laptop and I leave it in the dorm.

Anyway while on the jeepney I saw a lot of students wearing familiar uniform, sky blue jumper with long sleeves; it is the uniform of my former school during my high school years. Aside from the uniform I also admired the laughter that I’ve made during my h.s time the road trip while going home will never be complete without funny conversation with my colleagues. I remember the time that me and my barkada taking our merienda on the road while talking to our crush in school. But the thing that I missed to them is they accompany me in our terminal ( because we have different residences). With matching our trademark kisses on the chicks. 🙂

I needed to stay on the jeep for 2 hours brfore I reached Calamba, many passengers where entering on the jeep mostly student. There is an old lady wearing crochet jacket( around 60 up)  capture my attention she is using touched screen cp, I was amaze because she see all the letters that she want to txt.

When it comes to “LOLA” I really admired them…

I felt really bad I forgot my umbrella,,the rain is very strong tnx god he give me strength while on the road I really pray to stop the rain well it works a little bit. I know god listen to me and he always protect me wherever I’ll go.

This day I feel so much in-LOve with my parents and relatives I love them so much.

The long wait is over,down to last 2 more exams for this week..Last friday I went to sm calamba thinking that I will buy new set of ballpens (Im addicted to it) I spend my 1k Buying a lot of books in the book sale but in the end my passion in reading magazine is leading in my list. I buy Oprah mag, fortune 500, entrepreneur, one cd and an inspirational book, I planned it already before the sembreak comes because i believe that this passion of mine will never repeat again if i have an idea I write it down and I do it step by step. I believe that I CAN MAKE IT.

Revealing my passion

Posted: October 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

I have a difficulties in speaking in english but now I manage to practicing it, like I’m making my journal; it’s not  a typical journal wherein you put all your thoughts everyday, its just a simple writings where I write my feelings depending on the event that happended to me on that day. I become more creative in thinking and I want to act like a professional.