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funny being with her

Posted: November 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

My bestfriend jill was a very great student taking up hrm, I LOVE her because she is my bestfriend but now she focus on his love one empoy. They celebrated their first monthsary yesterday. Actually we are best buddy since h.s and Im lucky to accompany her in this college time.

I want to share this photos of us who want to remove our black heads eagerly. haha..

Funny moment with her.I love you friend I hope you feel it.

Jaz & Jill best friend forever



Posted: November 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

There is a lot of things that i need to do today but Im not worried because I know I can do it. I can manage it very well, God will give me strength to done this.

Jaz is brave.

Jaz is competitive.

Jaz is strong.

Jaz love herself.

Believe. learn. ACT

Junior master chef inspired

Posted: November 22, 2011 in Uncategorized


I was an avid fan of Junior master Chef, quick fire, iron chef and many more cooking shows here in the Philippines.My father was a great chef and I always wonder how to create a delicious recipe, Now that I have my own savings I can buy complete ingredients for my chosen recipe. I am curious on how to baked but I think it takes a lot of patient and time to perfect it.

I have no specialty yet but I enjoy to cook “Merienda foods”, the list of dishes that I want to wok on is my favorite.Because I give my full time, effort and dedication to get the taste that I want. Maybe next time I will focus on chicken,pork and beef healthy dishes.

This is my new passion and thanks god I see that I learn how to manage all the things like in cooking I avoid craming in cooking because I cannot achieve hat I want if i not be careful of choosing what is really good to me.

PANCAKE, it is easy to do right…It not too costly so I started making it once in a while 🙂

CARBONARA, another great dishes that I’ve done…super sarap talaga promise

fettucini pasta,ready white sauce, milk,nestle cream, ham, chicken, onions, fish sauce, salt and pepper

PIZZA DELIGHT, easy and very cheap recipe..I do it on scrap

Failing makes me stronger

Posted: November 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

Hello wordpress what a wonderful tuesday morning today. Well I miss this “diary-tech-update”, my ate ania ask me to post again in my wordpress, big thanks ate.

Yesterday shall I call a big mistake, I never studied my lessons properly and i hate my scores in our quiz, in reverse I take it positively and I want to do something more. As I always said I treat all days as monday it made me realized that each day we nees to learn something new, from my friends,classmates, colleages and other unknown people whom I met. Now I now what Mr. Robert Kiyosaki trying to point out “Failure and success are ralated”.

Next task be consistent of what you are doing…:)