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A leopard can’t change his spots

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You cannot change  who you are—Jaz

With this title shows the real me, I’m not a copy cat and I don’t want to go with the flow. Frankly change is a long process, I’ve been there in the past; wasting my money, buy my wants rather than my  need, envy my classmates etc., God wake up me and save to this kind of mediocrity.

 Ngayon ko lang na-realize na malaki na talaga ang inimprove ko mula sa ordinaryong teenager na walang ibang ginawa kung hindi pagtuunan ng oras/pansin ang sarili ko, ngayon natuto akong ibahagi sa iba ang mga naranasan ko at ang buhay ng pagbabago.

I’ll start with a simple step like reading self-help books, bible, watching inspirational show and so on. It helps a little, nevertheless I pursue my own solution, the experience that I got from school,peers,family and environment teach me a new in time. I don’t need more clothes in my closet, new pair of shoes and more money in my pocket what I believe is the power of “change” by living effortless.

Outstanding PARENT…

My parent were simply remarkable they earn a lot of money because of their frugality they enjoy life by helping other who are in need and they lend a hand for the individuals who call for an intangible matters.

Boyfriend is not the real inspiration for most of us, let us change this manner. Feel affection for the people who concern about us and serve as our first teacher.

Morning glory…

I love my morning mood for the reason that I can easily reflect on the things that happen in my existence so far. 🙂



Sunstar Mall pleasure

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This afternoon my aunt asks me to go with her in sun star mall together with my cute and smart little cousins.

They enjoy the play ground at the mall; I’m leaving them for an hour to buy a gift for my best friend Jill. Well obviously my first destination probably is the bookstore, I find something that is unique and very personalize gift. While roaming around I bought some paint brushes and cute-designed papers (my favourite stuff). It is hard for me to think of an item that suit for her, since my passion is to write I buy a big card.

Time for our snacks, we eat together at Jollibee (I have no choice, kid’s favourite fast food). Since it is fast food I make it sure to order healthy snacks like palabok and large pineapple juice.

At the supermarket hustle…

I grabbed the opportunity to buy an ingredients for my much-loved cooking habit and this time I want to cook for my friends. While I was there I realized what if I changed my plan rather than cooking why not I apply my artistic skills, Having a basket in my one hand I put all the sweet tooth chocolates, my idea is to create something exceptional blow.

Whoow I’m 8th placer in the line of the cashier, I want to sit but I can’t. It comes in my mind the philosophy of Mam Marasigan “lahat ay may hangganan” yes, it work.I didn’t mind the long line but what I’ve been thinking is the fact that soon it is over. After awhile I reach the cashier, more patience must bring when you encounter the holiday rush.

Truthfully I don’t mind how much money I’ll spend at the grocery, during my pre-teens it serves as bonding time for me and my mom, I buy all that I want foods, drinks, and some beauty products. Masaya kasi yung feeling na di ako ang magbabayad. But now, before I buy I must see first the price of that item, I learn to budget my own money, be practical I think no wants vs. Needs will exist if people are wise buyer.

Happy. Full of laughter and enjoy.

Morning Habit

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This morning I have a wonderful sensation, I break my own record if before I woke up at 8:30 a.m now I’m change a lot time check 7 a.m. See, I’m glad because little by little I break my own laziness.

Photograph of my daily simply life is my favourite outlook; it is just a collection of how or why I spend my time from morning until afternoon. I want first to start with myself, within me I speak out what I want through let’s say “wacky pix”.

My name is Ms. Youcam hehe…It shows my day by day routine.




Believe in positivity

Imagine with that photos di pa ako nagtu-toothbrush at naghihilamos. Simple life need no make-up at all what we need is to wear  a smile and positive attitude, I feel relaxed at this moment.

other side of Jaz

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Stop.Look and Listen…nnnnn wearing my thick panjamas and a comfortable shirt it is simply my bedtime fashion hehe.

I have a fast metabolism so if Im not feel sleepy I make it sure that I have healthy snacks at my side, (skyflakes and cold pineapple juice), my quick remedy for my hungry tummy. Aside from water, pineapple juice is my second favorite drink. It flashes away the bad toxins in our body plus it adds more vitamins especially vitamin C. Oops I forgot something the notebook that included there has also a function, it is my hobby to write my view about news or a documentary news that I watch. It’s like mt reminder/log book..,makakalimutin kasi ako. 

At my dorm…

I’m still the same, I have stick-O beside me. Plus smiling face 🙂

Di dapat tayo nagpapalipas ng gutom, swerte ko talaga kahit anong kainin ko di talaga ako tumataba.

It is a blessing by the way, Not all people have this kind of digesting ability right?

Household chores is my secret

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The term organize for me sounds familiar.why? because Im quite an OC  person, in the past vacation whether summer, Christmas or short holidays my number one priority is to organize my things and clean our house. The reason behind this habit is because we have two houses, my mother took care and leaving in our new house while me and my brother together with my loving Lola Flor where living in the old one.

As a girl in that house it is my duty to sweep, clean and polish the floor. I also clean our bathroom, I guess all the room (living,dining,kitchen etc.) I enjoy it most when there is a  loud music or when the television is on.

Since then I always make it sure that my day will not be ended until I clean something or organize something. I believe in my own view that I think very clearly when I see totally zero mess, it also help me to simplify my work “yes its not time-consuming”.

I hope all the girls out there must erase the fact that “burara, makalat at di malinis”

if we know how to organize our things we learn also on how to organize our self.

What Im talking about is the December season, I enjoy it most by discovering, meeting new people, do what I want, and of course spending time with my loving family. Compare to my past holidays its kinda boring and meaningless, my daily routine probably are sleeping, watching television, doing household chores, eating and that’s all. If I will comeback to that time I will pursue my talent in creating craft especially designing. I see it as my stress relief hobbies. I enjoy it most when I see a lot of junk or scrap in our house that can be used to make a collage or reuse again for my future project.

This holidays I experienced to jam to new people in the sbma student council and RSO’s, this are the list of the things that “whoaaaaaa” my vacation.


1- new learning from the expert Ms. Bayugo(seminar)

11- going to the star mall with my little couz’ and bought fruitas carrot shake flavor ..yum yum

14-surprised Mam G a happy bday

15-end of our preliminary exam, yes’ its time to plan for the entire vacation

17-morning; together with other officers we give back to the calamba city jail inmates;in the afternoon xmas party with tnd and aom class of mam apple. its funny to know that anne, ate dynah and I are exchanging our gifts we don’t expect that its gonna happen.

19-20-Laiya time (team building) I love my job, “first time” to experienced the white sand beach, snorkling, diving, bonfire, stargazing, beach volley ball and discovering the inner personality of other people whom I never met before.

26- MY relaxed time at salon

27-going to the airport;a sad day to us…shopping at MOA

as of now I enjoy what I’m doing.this things are the highlights of my vacation.

Dec. 17, 2011

I was ask by Ate Ray ann to attend the paskorg in the City Jail of Calamba. I agree to attend the said paskorg, but when I was riding on a bus I see the time was already 8:30 in the morning, I felt so disappointed about myself because I woke up early in the morning but despite of the long hours of road trip I feel that I can’t attend the paskorg. At exactly 9 a.m I reach the Letran Campus, I’m finally feel fine, I saw a lot of RSO representatives inside the jeepney. On our way to Turbina I have a chance to talk with JL Luzuriaga, my marketing friend, we talk about our academics past exams  as well as the things that we expect in the jail.

Here we are…

I was surprised to see the jail of Calamba, it was very clean. It is far from what I’m thinking. Some boys and girls inmates ages 20-65 were there to join us in our raffle, games and sharing. I’m somewhat shy to talk to them not because I’m afraid but despite of the fact that what if I ask to them this question did they feel so alone or they will felt angry. But everything has changed. One of the Red Cross volunteer sings a song “ang pasko ay kay saya lalo na at kapiling ka sana’y pagsapit ng pasko kayo’y naririto” at “pasko na sinta ko hanap hanap kita… and so on. This lyric of OPM songs captures their hearts.

Missing someone…

One of the inmates who cried is Ate Susan, she missed her two siblings under the care of her sister. Almost Five years they cannot see each other,her case was “drug pusher”. I have no money at that time, so what I give is a big hug and a plenty of advice. I was sad to hear this extraordinary story, I give ate Susan a pair of earrings, that belong to me. Giving is priceless, the reason why I give her my 3 year old earrings is because I want her to keep in mind that she is not alone, this earrings symbolizes the attachment of my heart to her. That no matter what happened we letranista became a part of their life.

While I was there I always imagine how lucky I am, I have my family, good health and Good lives. But when I look at them I now realized the meaning of Christmas. Material things is not part of it “FAMILY” is the most precious gift that we need to treasure every Christmas.

Oh god thanks you for giving me this opportunity to touch the lives of other people who are in need. You show me the essence of Christmas and the true value of Family.

To all the inmates in Calamba City Jail I hope you enjoy the Christmas even though there is no relatives visiting to you, always hold the Hope in your mind. God will lead your way; he punished your mistakes or wrong doing you do outside. It is temporary, that punishment will give you a chance to change for new lives outside. I want you to know that you inspire me; the smile in your face signifies that you move on. All of you were participated actively in our short program.

Thank you inmates, I wish you can start a new life, new mindset and new purpose here on earth, I salute you not because you survive but to the days passed by hungry with love but still you all remain peaceful and calm inside.

To ate Susan, may the earrings that I give will give you hope,

Sana Nanay Susan makalaya na kayo  at sana magkita tayo J