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Yesterday afternoon I was sitting at the library browsing some books for our Labor Relations subject. I was like a butterfly that flitted from one place to another. Searching for some Filipino authors, gladly I found a pocket book that talk about the culture and lifestyle of the Filipinos.

Food for mind

Upon waking up in this morning I read it solemnly, what I like about this pocket book is the factual scenario of what a true blue Filipino is. It talk about our: Faith and resilience, Bad habits, The good side, The Filipina, A question of Morality, A penchant for Celebrations, A superstitious Lot, No dog-eaters, multi talented and for fun of it.

I was laugh most of the time because the author expands well the Filipino attitudes that innumerable to calculate. What I am in awe of is the “smiling Filipinos”. Yes we are, I like people who always smile and makes me smile because it is priceless. A heart warming pleasant face of a person completes my day. Even if I don’t know that person let’s say in the jeepney or at the mall. I call myself as a sociologist student haha, the reason why I’m telling this is that I am an observant person I’d like to know their life a little bit through interviewing them. Yes MAKAPAL ANG MUKHA ko; but on the positive side.

This book widens my knowledge and reminds me that Filipinos are unique and we should be proud of it.


Last Day with my Tatay Cesar

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At exactly 8 in the morning today Jan. 29, 2012, we arrive in our house to send my father on the airport. While we are waiting for their flight I was observing the OFW’s that surrounds me in the waiting area of the airport. I saw a scene wherein batches of OFW’s were need to leave but then their teary eyes saying “mamimiss ko kayo”.

Honestly I feel the pain that they experience on that moment because as a daughter of an OFW’s I also don’t want my father to l leave because all of us where not stay in our house;my brother is in his work abroad as well as my father then as their only daughter I’m busy in school. Tha’ts Life.

After a few hours they get in to the airport.

the scenerio of OFW's at NAIA airport

*That sad scenario I always feel when my dad leave.

After we go through the airport we shop and walk off at Mall of Asia, it is a good time also to bond with my mom. I’m blissful super over as in hehe…Because we never do it before, promise.

What I love about my mom is her initiative—to make me feel happier. Just like the new bag that I have. She bought it for me; then we eat the food that we want. I always feel vast and blessed to have these kinds of parents that support me and never leave me no matter what happened.

Financially, they support me to all the things that I want to have; it’s like a “blink of an eye” to me. If I need that, I need this; they give it away. But I’m not a kind of daughter who takes it for granted. So as of now I acquire more and more experience that I can use at work. Because I don’t want to be a stagnant, my parents teach me to familiarize and observe the things that happen about me. The lessons that I learned form the inside and outside of the school make me a more competitive person.

God thank you for always blessed me; Love, care, support, huge kind of friends, adoring relatives, vigilant grandmother and an open-minded mother.

I was never seeing the beauty of life without them; I’m so much blessed by your grace. Thank you Lord. And I love you so much.

How and Why

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I admit I am too busy, If before I can do my hobbies but now It feels like 24 hours a day seems very short. I can’t manage my steadiness in time management but I know all of the busiest things that I do now in school will benefit me in the future.

Like what I said before my strength is my natural character to be friendly. Since High school I love to interact with girls ask them about their daily routine my curiosity and school problems. So when I enter college it comes logically to me. I don’t let other people to feel alone and not being love. I cares for them really it just that I have many commitment and it’s my duty and responsibility.

Every day when I haven’t read something I always have shyness in my frame of mind, because sometimes I don’t understand what they are talking about especially in the classroom discussion. How can I apply my philosophy of prioritized and organized if today I always stick with my daily routine?

I feel idiot, promise. I love my school but it seems I m not doing good at all.

It’s my fault I’ll never learn from my experiences. So sad, but I will do it yes I can.

Robert Kiyosaki mention on his facebook wall:

When you are young, work to learn, not to earn.

That is why I chose Robert Kiyosaki as my financial, corporate and life mentor. He is the best man for me.



My best friend crown

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Thanks friend for treating me last time at chowking. I’m glad to be part of your life, I promise that I will keep our friendship last forever.

Being a Deans Lister is not an easy task, your such a great girl. Keep up the good work my friend. I love you. Thanks again for the food, I appreciate it most.

enormous best friend jaz and jill


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I need to buy a good pair of shoes for now, while I was looking around the mall I prefer to buy hush puppies brand of shoes. I consider the testimonies that I browsed last time in the net. Probably I do a lot of research before buying a good pair of quality shoes. I don’t mind the price if the consequence will be last forever.

Suddenly, I have no enough budgets in my pocket, what I do is to search again for another shoes with a reasonable price. I recall my aunt favourite brand of shoes “figlia”. I found my prefer design simple, comfortable and exact for my budget.

After searching for shoes with my best friend we go to our favorite comfort food, none other than Waffle it is found near the national book store second floor. I want to try some caramel taste!

While walking we saw the Chinese New Year set up in the middle part of the ground floor at SM Calamba. We take picture there and we examine our 2012 horoscope. I’m proud to be MONKEY hehe..

Its content is about family, health, career and love life, how amazing, that’s what I found..The things include there is all referring to me.


Time to eat again, another comfort food PIZZA HUT.


According to my horoscope this 2012 is my time to shine



I’m not okay

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Fresh from our recollection last Saturday , I embraced the moment being with my family and spending more time with my little cousin. As a teenager who wants to caught the attention of their parents not in a way where I’ll do something bad to make them feel that I’m important. But to the way where I expect that they will miss me especially my Mom and dad. Sunday night I feel their company, we ate dinner there and watch cooking show.

Back to our first house where my lola and tita is living

While I was saying goodbye I felt sad, tremendously  sad.

What I need is the words saying musta na anak,or just asking anything about me. It’s just a vision I came there and nothing happened. I feel empty and embarrassed. To release my pain I cried at my bathroom…pray to God and think on the other options to avoid the feeling of frustration in my parents.

I release 40 % of my throbbing, the rest will continue this morning.

While I was busy for this Monday task I’ll never forget the sadness that I felt last night. I thought It was the last, but this morning something unexpected things happened.

Same scene Nay pahinging baon papasok nap o ako..O ayan na baon mo. The typical and usual expression we always said. At that moment I suffer hurt inside. I just get my allowance and backpack my things and go ahead to wait for the jeepney.

Oh my I didn’t bring my umbrella, the rain is coming I felt again that the sky is thinking me kidding aside the rain said “iiyak mo lang yan jaz”.

After 25 minutes of waiting my grandmother come with me and said:

Lola: Alam mo jasmin pinag -uusapan ka ng Nanay at tataty mo, sabi nila ang mahal ng binili mong sapatos.

Jaz:La, sanay na ako sa nanay alam nyo naman kuripot talaga yun.

Lola: Oonga e, sabi pa nako yang si Jasmin kapag nagkatrabaho na yan walang matitira sa sweldo nyan baka sa loho lang mapunta.

…I remain quiet and hiding my teary eyes  to my lola,

Until I went school I can’t escape with my problem until I open it with ann and teter( my good friends). I tell the all the pain that happened this morning. And they listen to my problems. Without knowing that teter has a more deeper problem than mine which I don’t know before, also ann shared with us her problem about his family.

I also open up with my bestfriend jill, I also cried again…with this conversation we start our talk by telling our deeper problems that we face nowadays. This is the only time again that we tell all as in all the major and unsettled problems that we have…

While I was typing this seriously I want to cry but no tears come out, I didn’t know why. Maybe it just happened that I release my problems and I reflect on what they say.

Letter that I want tell with my mom:

My dear mom, I hope before you judge me know me first I’m your daughter remember. The only girl you must love. Even though we have this problems I still love you I hope you think of me every time I’m in a  distant because you know what every night I always waiting for your text. I want to hear your voices but I can’t… Evey time I’ll go home it feels ordinary day and It seems that you never miss me..Oo nay kulang ako sa pansin sa pagmamahal niyo, di nyo ako pinababayaan pero sana maramdaman ko na naandyan kayo, mahal ko kayo nay at tay…

To my ever extraordinary lola and tita, I’m willing to give up all the things that I have but I want you to know that both of you inspired me to become a person with integrity and anticipation.

Emo girl who seek attention

GABAY (Overnight Recollection

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Before I leaved at my dorm I’ll done first my daily chores like washing the dishes, sweeping the floor and arranging my things. Coz’ I don’t want to leave my place with so many cluttered things.

I make sure that I eat my breakfast (I must do it, our genes tends us to feel hungry every two hours—fast metabolism) well a glass of water and two vanilla wafer and skyflakes. This is the day that I’ve been waiting for. Time for me to relaxed and splurge to look upon myself. Many things happened in our recollection but what I’m concerning is the confession. From the entire priest that I’ve met every time I confess, I can say that he’s different. My confession last from about 20 minutes I think. There is three idea in my mind to what will I notify to the priest.

But from the three I guess the problem about seeking attention is my problem. I tell him all my feelings, sufferings, and surrender for that matter.

Short background:

I am a kind of person who wants to share my problems to the people whom I’m trust and willing to give advices and somehow experiencing the same problem that I’m with.

But among them all finally I’ll got the best and right answer, father said “don’t seek attention with others rather give them attention and the rest will follows. Oh it sucks my heart and it lift me up to that mediocrity feelings. The priest always tells me to do what is right and don’t expect too much complement with others. Don’t think that every good that every good things that you’ve done you always expect complement with others. I always bear in my mind that even though others think me as an ordinary person I believe that in the eye of God he always look up to me and said you are great.

I’m just showing the real me, sometimes quiet but I became talkative when I know something based on my experience and knowledge. What I admire most in this said recollection was the feeling to be with my longest friends that I’ll never hug before.

My dormates ate nova, ania and Erika makes me laugh and smile. Though we have different personality, we can understand each other and we have the same awareness about living.

Paralysis?? I think it more that a second, it’s not easy to identify what makes me paralyze. I weigh it up according to the deepest problem that I experience.

_Procrastination and fear

This represents my paralysis in life, I’d learn so much with this paralysis and every day I make it sure to improve myself.

Words that best describe on this day was: rejuvenating, valued, replicate, reflect and relax