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A question that intrigues me on ANC news this morning.

To be honest I don’t see social networking sites to make me feel less social because I make it sure that I have a face-to-face contact with that person. By some means I render my concern and greetings to my friends living in far away land.

It is my way to make them feel special and valuable at the same time. I really want to know what happening to them in the past years. A social networking site also is a big help to organize an event by creating a group (private).

Well other people perceive it as they way to become friend with others whom they not met before. Quite good but the tendency is you calculate your friend despite the fact that you never had a close connection to them.

After all it depends on the person, as I mention a while ago I don’t see any gap between social sites and facing other people.

I can easily adopt to different changes in my environment that I belong with.


Struggling battle

Posted: February 28, 2012 in Uncategorized

I want to improve myself that is the word I always said in my mind when I do my projects, reports and assignments. Like what I always said I’m not go with the flow of those people believing that school and work is their life and at the end they tend to back to school again because they feel emptiness for a second time and need to nourish their knowledge.

Our excellent professor Arch. Delos Santos inspires us to dream big and work hard. It is his way to show up in his students what the meaning of business is and how to become successful.

I’m not intelligent but I think I’m wise enough to decide what is best for me. I didn’t mean to say that I can do all things without the guidance of others but rather I choose to find difficult situation to challenge me and to broaden my lesson in life.

God you know what I want to be someday and people who pushes me down are the people who have unplanned future. I leave to you all my decisions. Lord Help me.

Life without stress

Posted: February 22, 2012 in Uncategorized

I don’t waste time, I know if I want to reach my goals I need to train myself now. Many dreams come on my list and I want to make it a point to invest time and improve myself better.

Yesterday morning when I was browsing my notes I saw my past notes in business psychology. Upon reading it, I used to slow down what I read regarding the “stress’’ topic. As a teenager who always wants to stay up late stress is our number one opponent.

I realized I become more productive when I’m in rush or stress like what the hand out stated “stress is bad depending on the people who experience it, imagine life without stress is vegetate or boring”.

Truthfully, I can think well when I do stressors activity. It’s like a machine, all my body parts function well. I look old at my age but I don’t mind it I guess my priorities and goals play a big role in my life.


On my own

Posted: February 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

I thought it’s never too late to change my bad habits or so called procrastination. I admit my room at our dorm makes me feel dizzy and out of my mind but it doesn’t mean that it serve a destruction for my studies.

Long ago I discover this hard feeling, but I can control it by doing what is needed. Today I would prioritize the things that benefit me in the future.


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Oh my God what happened to me? I didn’t learn from my past mistake and now it became worst. I have a trouble feeling now with myself particularly in my heart beat I feel like I’m always drinking coffee because of the palpitate that I feel.

Hey jazz pls. Wake up, apply what you’ve known and don’t be stupid to change that bad habit of not doing your work right. I want to remind you that many people cares for you don’t waste the tuition fee that you’re parents invest in you. Do what is right.

From now on I promise to change this weird attitude. Promise.

Thank you sir

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I’m so blessed every day but this time unexpected things happen.  Atty. Wagan my professor at my law subject gave me an invitation entitled ‘Company Call’ it is a benefit concert for the members of tining. I asked my best friend to come with me in this said event, it’s going to be a rush hour; we borrow some clothes with her friend and gladly all of the clothes were fitted to us.I didn’t realised that someone will give me this opportunity, thank you Lord you make my day a special one.

After the concert of tining I browsed my notes for our exam for tomorrow. It sink in my mind the sayings of Mr. Simon Chan that people doing weird things will be successful, I’m not against on his statement but rather I realized that maybe he is correct and I see myself on that situation. I’d like to do different things that normal people don’t like to do.

Well we have different facets of life and we cannot judge others but emphasizing his statement I also want to wake up every body to do something that really acquire experience and adventure. We are all young at heart so I’m pretty sure all of us want it even if we have no budget. Wise planning and budgeting really takes a lot of encouragement in doing all this things.


I feel fine this morning, I’m thinking of the consequences that might happen if I will not fix myself further on. I start arranging my things and put it into order. As a start I want to see all things in a good place and easy to find (not messy at all).

I can handle things not less than two days. I f I have a problem I remain quiet and thinking for the solutions. I know there is always room for improvement and I believe in myself. I don’t have to turn myself down just to pretend like somebody else.

I want to develop the good qualities that I have not just my physical attributes but also my overall personality.

Life is short, I don’t want to spend a lot of time with one problem. I felt that I will miss something if that happened.

Right now I’m looking forward to the day that I will take from beginning to end.