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Farewell Associates

Posted: March 31, 2012 in Uncategorized

Yesterday we have a tribute for graduate student of SBMA Council in Living Water Resort at Pansol. We come up to an idea to surprise them by giving a token or anything that will serves as a legacy for them.

Even if I don’t want to come in this tribute I still pursue to manage my time to get there simply because this was the last time that I will met them and the only time wherein I spread to them my gratitude and love. I’m proud to say that JPMAP ladies (ate Sheila and ate Ray Ann) is cannot replace by any person. They uplift our organization and leave a mark in the Colegio.

Right now I’m suffering from illness but honest to God I didn’t mind it so well, what is important is the event last night to commemorate and celebrate their graduation.

I grabbed this moment to getting to know the new officers of JMALC , I know them for the past 2 years but the bonding that we inculcate in this activity is a big help for the next activity that we will conduct.

Their LEADERSHIP empowered US. Thank You. ^ ^




OJT at this time

Posted: March 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

Here comes the final period in our semester still I have no ideal company to come up with an OJT. My relatives were OFW’s and even if I have a backer I don’t want to spoil myself coz’ being an hr practitioner I want to experience the “start from scratch” searching for- a-Job drama.

Day 1

Rizza and I have decided to pass our resume somewhere in Canlubang and Calamba Laguna. My eyes widen when I see the different company around. I can’t imagine that my feet is still step on the ground of Laguna. Now I see what the meaning of outside world wherein no professors around to guide you.

<Thinking at a distance>

I know manila offer much better experience and competition which I can apply in my field. If you were ask me I will choose manila. There is such a thing in choosing what is the best, since all company have an HR I choose to apply nearer at my dorm’s place in Bucal, second the amount of money that I will spend in manila is too costly. I don’t want my parents to suffer with so much money and yet there is opportunity here in Laguna.

After 1 week TONG HSING ELECTRONICS PHILIPPINES texted me to come for an exam and interview. The excitement and nervousness pop up my feelings, the next thing I do is to inform my mother about the good news and last I treat myself at KFC.

No wonder how can I made it all by myself, I just told them it is a blessing and Gods plan.

Here I am now preparing myself and thinking what I gonna do next week, my OJT will begin soon.

Here we go Monday

Posted: March 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

GOOD MORNING, What a beautiful and calming morning.

I realized lately what I need to be accomplish this summer season. I jot it down in my journal notebook and I hope I will finish it all.

Taking up breakfast with my mom. Thanks God I am Blessed.

Nostalgia in high spirits

Posted: March 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

I miss to write on my wordpress page, here I am again knocking on my “hush-hush diary”.

The word for this day BE YOURSELF, very familiar words isn’t. Yet a lot of people don’t know how to achieve this. Personally I am a victim of schadenfreude, I feel happier inside by looking other lapses. Lately I realized how pathetic I am thinking of this thoughts without acknowledging the position of that person.

Being a self motivated person I experience sorrow and troubleshooting. But  with all my meditation and extensive thinking I felt how important life can be. Defining the word be yourself suggest me 3 words to define it (simple.Laugh.acceptance).

Simple-the folks say Simple is beautiful. It doesn’t end to that quotes, with my experience simple using your strengths to impress yourself  and not others.

Laugh- Without tomorrow, nowadays people laugh with many reasons. Joking, talkshit, comedy. Funny moments and even if unusual actions. People must know that laugh is not just a big hahaha…. or a loud hehehe…it has something to do with a big heart, you laugh because you help other, you accpomplish something different today and lastly you laugh because God created you and giving you loving people that surrounds you.

Acceptance- Like contented, when people know how to manage contentment and acceptance I believe there is no war in this world. No need for public apology for politicians and whatsoever disgusting things. It is more on thinking aside with imagination and considers the results.

Im Jasmin a.k.a Jaz/jas. BE MYSELF by doing the right things and to add spices in my life by being simple, laugh and acceptance and with truthful words.



Intramurals week

Posted: March 8, 2012 in Uncategorized

Fun, Joy, excitement and drain…that is my definition for this week intramurals. Aside from the fact that I’m a challenger person who tried all of things not just to acquire experience but also to feel the burden that I want. I really don’t care about what I wear or how I look like. But deep inside it is such a good experience to be there.

They assign me to be the table tennis coordinator and I’ve learn with this task to be patience and observant. Clueless?? Yeah definitely I have no idea about this matter. But like what Architect Delos Santos have told us in our logistics class, business people need to be familiarize at least with the terminology of the game.

It is a good advantage to know everything about these things; suddenly I’m out of my mind not necessarily the game-to-win battle between other programs or departments but rather to watch them with so much long hours. They play hardy and devoted. Surprisingly we got the champion place in female division of table tennis. They work accordingly and focused. I realized their dedication in the game itself.

Many students out there participated and show their support with their bet team. It shows how each department show enthusiasm and camaraderie in every game.

For now I’m taking this opportunity to work on my academics task.





Defense to disaster

Posted: March 1, 2012 in Uncategorized

I was very traumatic in our defense yesterday; I was speechless to the question of the panellist. I can’t say what I want to say.

I feel illiterate and very down, I feel helpless and idiot. But then again I know it just a lesson for me.

I know it is my problem not to know what we present to them. But I really care about it. From now on I will be more serious in my words and actions.

I believe I can do it, I don’t want to waste my time because as architect De los Santos said school is our training ground and proving to them that you can present well is a good way to practice ourselves.