God why you are so good to me

Posted: April 8, 2012 in Uncategorized

God you are so good, thank you for giving me this inimitable life.

I just want to share with everybody how God created me in a life where I don’t need to ask for more.

Top 5 things that GOD gave to me:

  1.   My  parents

Tatay Cesar– He is very hardworking man, and exceptionally loyal to my Nanay. What I admire to my dad is his willingness to help, even if he has his own family to feed up he make it sure that every month her mother (my Lola Rodeng) is receiving a cash to support her needs.

Nanay Vicky- I called her a meticulous mom, an accountancy graduate and a great mother and housewife. Why meticulous? Simply because the way she talk, shop and argue is very different, she knows what she said. I guess the way she start a conversation with other people is passing by me. I don’t know why, she is always confident and ready to go.

Lola Flor– She became my dad, mom, sister and a mentor. My Lola is the best, even if she stops her school at a younger age her sweetness and care cannot replace by any diploma or a high educational attainment. I can’t imagine my life without my lola’s support and powerful advice.

2. Peaceful environment- I love my hometown (Nagcarlan), I describe them as back to basic people. Unlike in Manila and Calamba where people choose to spend their leisure time at the mall or go shopping, here at Nagcarlan we make it sure that we spend our time to our Family, God and business.

You don’t need to go anywhere to find delicious “merienda” because all around the place you can see magtataho, binatog, burger store, halo-halo and many kakanin with a cheaper price and priceless taste.

Another thing is people is very much pay attention with time and money. They want to work hard in a good way and they are not demand for more or shall we say they are contented and do not ask for more wealth. Money is very essential to them “kahit ung pisong sukli na di naibigay ni manong nirereklamo nila” ganun kami sa Nagcarlan. Bawat piso mahalaga, No wonder why I’m became thrifty most of the time. I’m living in a rural area wherein education is a must in every teen around.

3. Dissimilar life- What I do after waking up in the morning? Eating, stretching, reading, surf in the net, browse some books, help in household chores…

Nothing new right? Teen at my age here in our place first search for work before they buy food for the day, I don’t want to compare my life to them coz I know God planned it for me. Somehow I’ll try to add spice in my life by living a simple and meaningful existence.

I called it dissimilar for the reason that I have the things that I want in life, some of it are gifts surprise by God he don’t need to wrap it, he show me the way and the reason why I need to live longer.

4. Good Education- Entering in a school like in Colegio de San Juan de Letran is wow for me. I  am contented person isn’t but this school opens new opportunity, experience and bonding that other schools don’t offer. The teenager life there is mix with good and bad influence but it depends on the person. The secret formula to stay in touch with the people close by is to give tem attention and to keep sharing.

5.My attitude- I can adjust easily to the different situation that I’m with, I think for better solution sometimes I’d cried but more often I choose to think!think!think!. I don’t want to blame myself every time I commit mistakes; this is a lesson with no rules.

Thank you GOD for this life. I assure you to give it back to the people who deserve my help. I’m 20 right now and I will promise to make this life meaningful and every single moment is splendid.


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