Why life seems so unfair? I found out the reason

Posted: April 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

Here in the Philippines we experience discrimination, biases and unjust treatment. I became a victim of it many times but I would like to acknowledge them because at least without that experience I will not blogging it right now. Those people are so called junk in the society.

Whether in business or in any institution we cannot avoid this attitude.

I just want to ask them if they know that the eye contact say something different, their moves and even their body language make sense. Discrimination is everywhere, after going to school to search for Dr. Gamban to sign my MOA form I go off at PS BANK in Calamba Branch. Gladly I meet super sociable manager and their customer service personnel I went there to replace my loss my prepaid savings, her smile on her face give me astounding emotion to talk about my life (some basic info like age, school, the company where I enter my OJT and the reason why I lost my ATM).

Their attitude is an example of a true-blood Filipino, they don’t care about where I came from or what is my family background, because they don’t care about that— I think they love the way how am I talking I just sit courteously and have a good eye contact to them. I love their professionalism when it comes to valuing their customer.

After I change my PIN number I went at SM to buy some stuff. I ride a tricycle to reach it because of the hot temperature outside. Then I ask:

 “manong magkano po?

20 pesos lang iha…

(sabay bigay ko ng 50)

Ito na yung sukli mo na 30

Cge manong  sa inyo na po ung sampu sa sukli…

This act is my way of showing them that even if  I am an ordinary person/student I understand how it feels working as a tricycle driver and earning just a little in one day and their health are suffering because of the burning weather. Practicing equality is not that hard.

_My self quotes for this day—never underestimate people; show them the significance of fairness. Pls.



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