JOB FAIR in my OJT host company

Posted: April 26, 2012 in Uncategorized
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We gather a job fair at the municipality of Calamba, Laguna. They assign me to assist the applicant searching for a job, they gave me their resume and I’ll give them our company brochure. While waiting for the other applicants, I was stayed beside my jolly (she’s the one interviewing the applicants).

I always told this every day I woke up, IM SO BLESSED AND LUCKY to have this wonderful life…

They are applying for production operator position; Ms. Jolly inspires me to pursue my good attitude when interviewing an applicant. She is very kind and approachable to the applicants, she never degrade them and she always wear a smile…

This people looking for a job are very young at age, I encounter a 23 years old man with 5 experiences working in different company, and I salute him because you can see his dedication towards his work.


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