It’s more fun with MY NANAY

Posted: June 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

We set this date to explore Manila (as I requested with my nanay), we choose to commute rather than bringing our car. Our so called field trip for two is more exciting if we commute.Our first destination would be the Quiapo Church ever since we pass through Manila we always draw closer to “Poong Nazareno”.

We move towards the China Town, I ask my nanay to see what the china town looks like. It was my first time to come here; I see a lot of Chinese living at this place. Most of the Chinese businessmen manage jewerly store, drug store, groceries, lucky charms and appliances.

Finally I see the famous “Mr. hopiang ube store”, his bakery is always feature at the television that’s why I’m eager to buy his well-known HOPIANG UBE.

This field trip with my nanay will never be complete without having a shopping experience at 168 shopping mall  also known as Tutuban Mall. We buy bags, clothes and accessories with affordable prices.  I really enjoy this shopping galore; even if my feet feel worn-out I can’t stop buying cute items.

We also eat and shop at SM Manila, I am looking for “megamelt”, my favorite ensaymada.

I miss to ride at LRT, bus and jeep here at Manila, while we are sitting at DLTB bus my mom and I talk everything under the sun. This bus maintains their passengers to feel relaxed and comfortable. They play latest movies with a clear signal, their seats and surrounding was very clean and smells good.

Soon I want to bring my best friend jill ann at 168 Mall.

My own capture photo at Binondo

At 168 Mall



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