My School Bow

Posted: June 25, 2012 in Uncategorized

Lately in our class discussion at production management we talk about about comparing Letran with other schools here in Laguna. My good friend ann complaint about the not-so-good rooms at school and she added that it need to repaint again to make it look pleasing to the eyes of the student.

I keep  quiet and not respond to what she said, realizing the fact that we study in a school that offers good facilities, approachable teachers, cool air conditions in each rooms, and library that full of latest books.

I’ll never criticize my school because this place completes my life so far.

Seeing the scenario of many college students contented to have one electric fan in their rooms, they don’t mind how big or small the classroom they have as long as they learn period. My dear friends and classmates be thankful and contented to what you have now, appreciate it well; think how lucky you are to belong in an excellent school, and you have time for “petics mode”. While others go to work after school just to pay their tuition. Be sensitive.

Don’t waste your time complaining, be mature enough to be a productive citizen/student of this country.


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