Study habit: There is no formula to become a genius

Posted: June 26, 2012 in Uncategorized

Right now I’m doing my assignment at Business environment, while researching on the internet I remember my professor final words before we leave our room last week; write down our assignments in a yellow pad and it must be hand written for the reason that it proven to remember all those things when you write it.

In my opinion there is no secret to become a brilliant student in a class, it doesn’t guarantee that when you write all of the things in a paper it quickly absorb by your mind.

College years are “nerve-racking” but I realized I’m a EUSTRESS person which means stress in a positive-productive manner. Going back to study habit, not applicable to you is applicable to all. My study habit is simply staying in a quiet room with bright lights, turn on the radio and have some munchies at my side.

Before, I try to write down my reviewer I noticed that I accumulated much time rewriting. From then on I think of less time review plan to make it applicable to my busy schedule. I usually remember my task for the following day by doing FIRST my priority, if I finished it all I’ll take a break for 10 minutes just to refresh my drained mind.

It all depends on the persons mood, when you want to study then do it, if not relax your brain. Don’t push yourself to review, because nothing will sink at your mind.

FOCUS is easy to say but I admit it is hard to do.   



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