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After our class at Business Environment our professor inculcate us a very useful tips and strategies on how to win in a business by practicing a good leadership style.

I may not good in delegating the task but I have the patient to learn how to become a good leader. Every time  I talk I see to it that I share what I know and share with me what they think, like in business it is called reciprocity. Do you have a goal? of course we have but the question is how do we reach that goal/s. The answer is try to look for a person you want to be then have a plan on how to make it. Like in cooking before you cook you will first prepare the ingredients for that dishes then follow carefully the instructions.

The person I salute (because of his persistence in leadership and dedication to inspire) is Mr. Lloyd Luna. He is different among the leaders that I know, he never had money to establish his own company but through his excellent experience and good observation he became a journalist, an engineer, a boss, entrepreneur, choir member and a successful businessman (at his early 20’s).

Who knows the person that I considered a mentor will meet me soon why not...libreng mangarap, right?

Now I learn to gain more experience and exposed myself. aja 😉


I find it cool to say “Nanay”, because I felt the motherly figure of my own mOm…

Last sunday we celebrated her birthday at a fine restaurant, she never ask me ‘oh anak nasaan na yung gift ko’ but instead she treat us and give money to buy something in the mall. She is incomparable no matter what I do she always give me an advice to decide carefully and use my allowance properly.

Soon I will give her my surprise gift which is Bag, it is somewhat expensive but I don’t mind the price for I know it is my nanay’s favorite thing and collection. My mother is lucky to have me hehe…I give her respect and love every single day, our chitchat time is about fashion, foods and health.

We have the same interest in life, when you open our refrigerator you will saw a bulk of fruits, milk, yakult and healthy foods stored inside. It reflects our vision in maintaining our figure and sick free policy Lols.

We care and invest a lot for our health, so we don’t need vitamins just prevention.




Many people that I’ve met are easily getting upset, I wonder why they throw away words that can no longer helps with the problem.

Let’s define problem…too long to explain but to make it short “problem is a life challenges that make a person grow”.

Damn it adds too much wrinkles on my face, I’d rather think of a solution rather than thinking of what is the problem.

😉 Think seven times and talk with a smile 🙂


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Reveal the real you is easy, but somehow many people seems to be playing safe…

I value my education because my parents never waste and invest money to me, it is my duty to learn hard 🙂

so people that I hate most..pls woke up..!!!!!!

HRDM week

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Hooray what a successful celebration of HRDM week, all students from “freshies” up to “seniors” show their incomparable talents and active participation. Piso per minute policy is properly implemented that make the students eager to come early.

Last day is the best for me, I saw the face of my ate’s alumni their true to life sharing make the discussion more exciting. It is good to hear some of their unforgettable moments and the transformation of being a student going to become an employee. I’m dreaming of sharing my thoughts with my fellow colleagues someday. I just want to contradict my professor that manila is overcrowded yeah it’s true but I want to gain more experience about my field. I also want to compete with other fresh graduate unlike in Laguna people is satisfied in the saying ‘pwede na”. I’m not stereotyping but based on my OJT experience I saw how they communicate internally.

I dream high, not only to become a successful HR practitioner but also a great businesswoman. The big panorama of my life is to discover a lot of what life has to offer.

Diary of a wimpy kid 2

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I can’t sleep last night so I grabbed my laptop to view some movies I want to watch funny foreign movies, while I’m checking on my list the candidates were Johnny English and the diary of a wimpy kid 2. When I take a look at both movies I choose the second one.

I’ll never disappointed watching this blah movie for kids because in the end of the film.

I find many moral lessons like:

-always practice honesty

-having a brother is not too bad at all

-When you have problem/s your parents will always be there to help you out

-Believe in yourself

-Having a best friend like (roggers) will support your idea whether it is good or bad

-don’t trust too much

-and most especially enjoy your younger age by acting like your age


Good Vibes

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It’s not good, calm down jazz…peace

I have a painful expereince today not a heartbreak but a clash of mind,,uh I hope I  can back to normal.. and pray