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Most of my professors advice us to make a SWOT analysis of our self to determine our strengths and weaknesses.  It helps but it  is not applicable with many of us because we have different believes and strategy to cope, discover and solve our own problems and on how to handle our main strengths and weaknesses.

I am a strong person, I can handle my own problems and seek quick fix solution. I always love my enemies and pray for them that someday they will find the light of their life.

FAMILY is my best motivator to fight uncertainties that I’ve encounter in my daily lives. I can survive immediately when I think of them.


Idol, Icon, people I look up to…

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Before I am a showbiz fanatic, tanda ko pa nung elementary ako lahat sila ako ang tinatanong about latest chikka and update. Kasi naman every month I buy different kinds of magazine like YES  and COSMOPOLITAN.

It all change when I enter in college, mas favorite ko ng mgbasa ng books rather than magazine…pero syempre I make a way na lahat nababasa ko even if journals, fiction, novel etc. 

-A girl reading a book

-Abraham Lincoln

-Kris Aquino

-Kuya Kim

-Conrado de Quiros

-Lloyd Luna


-Cupcake wars ( my energy booster show)

-Picture of my family

– Me


These people best describe my personality being talkative, serious, philosophical and creative. They motivate me to learn and share their thoughts in my own version. Sabi nila dapat si God ang sinasamba yes given na un, kc si God naman talaga ang number one sa puso ko. 

They serve as my inspiration to grow up and to be knowledgeable in different aspects of life.

Instant Caramel latte’

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I’ll stop drinking coffee since last summer of 2012, our family Doctor advice me to take green tea and chocolate drink rather than coffee which cause lack of concentration and palpitation. Its very hard to accept but if I will continue it I need to undergo a lot of test to check my thyroid condition if my severe palpitation will continue.

feel relaxed and energized

This morning I’ve tried instant coffee machine (it is like vending machine that we all knew), just insert 5 peso coin then press the chocolate, caramel and coffee flavor. The yummy flavors were all good (except coffee because it is “ban” for jazz) for the student like me we praise this kind of invention, it can save time and money.

Have a good day every one ^ ^—-Jazz


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All of us keep a road map or direction to where to go and when to stop. My parents nurture me to study, get a good grades and get a good job.

Very common and traditional isn’t? I always look up the successful people today like Robert Kiyosaki, Lloyd Luna and Oprah Winfrey. I am not contented buying their books and magazines just to be like them. I just want to apply their strategy to achieve win-win prosperity. I want to be rich not in money but rich on helping needy people and hopeless fellowmen. I really don’t want to pursue my masteral degree in the next few years because I have my own roadmap to success, like what Oprah said there is no secret to become successful because if you have goal go for it. 

I want to travel, to taste the different foods and shop at midnight market somewhere. Before I settle down I want to work out my checklist (my so-called listahan ng gusto kong gawin at puntahan). I don’t want to stick around at the office room and leave after 8 hours and do it again on the next day. I doesn’t mean that all I want is fun and adventure’ but why not turn my hobbies into business. Good idea  right? So let’s start from the basic assess your SKILL, KNOWLEDGE AND DESIRE. If you are not satisfied with your strength start to learn again and don’t be afraid to commit mistakes.

Love can wait, appreciate God given beauty…

Cupcake wars leggoooo

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<<CUPCAKE WARS>> i love sweets…


I am a food lover and fanatic of cooking show, my dad influence me to explore the world of food and try to cook as well.

I prefer to cook simple dishes and sweets. But I am most interested with making cooling shakes even if rainy season. During weekends and holidays I stay at home and sometimes “tambay sa grocery store” I have a list of my ingredients and whoolaaa I pick what I want like chocolate chips and oaties. 

Mejo mabigat siya sa bulsa kasi gusto kong bilhin yung healthy brand of goods, I don’t mind the cost kasi alam ko soon I miss doing this on my own. I’ll never stop learning to read, shop at the best store, eat at the fine dining resto and sight seeing alone at the park. I’m getting older everyday and I want to capture the moments that I’ve gained through the years.

Last saturday I met my favorite spanish professor Ms. Ong, i call her ” ms. extraordinary” she finish a lot of courses and she never stop educating people. She is single at the age of (probably early 50’s) but she is contented and happy . Every 12n.n during saturday, we see each other to talk about education, thoughts and life. She is very clever person and travel around 1 and a half  hours from manila to Letran but never get late in her class.

She advice me to acquire a lot of vocabulary to avoid stage freight ( which is my weaknesses).


yellow butterfly save my day’

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Sometimes you have to be patience, not because it a must but you always think the impact of your angry expressions verbally and non-verbally.

One of my friends ask me “ate jaz bakit kasi di ka marunong magalit” and then I answered “alam mo sa buhay lahat ng tao nagkakaroon ng problema dahil iniisip nila kung gaano kabigat ung nararanasan nila pero ako solusyon agad ang iniisip ko”

Not because playing safe ako or dahil takot ako na harapin yung problema, it is just a deeper realization that when you feel angry you loose time here on earth to spread love. Kahit na mainit ulo ko love ko parin sila “love your enemies” is my foundation to be a better person. Instead of arguing, I’m just remain quiet and smile.

Thanks to yellow butterfly that I saw in my school hallway, it means a lot to me… God thanks po sa pag-tap ng likod ko alam ko po na you support my decisions and goals in life.

GOAL: to become a rich/philanthropist business woman

BLAH: Travel, discover and communicate

AH: Stop, Think, believe, Act


Fake madonna….

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I’m not fine as of this moment, I wonder why she is acting like that…itago nalang natin sa pangalang “madonna”.

I consult my friend to give me some advice, and with my surprise I found that she also feels uneasy with that person. I don’t know why she is acting like a rich kid ( but probably she’s not). What I need is not her Gold but the attitude of being a friend.

I felt sad seeing madonna hiding something that I don’t know, through words and actions I feel what kind of girl she is.

She never hear what she said, she likes to argue and talks about branded things…

Oh God help her to show the value of friendship and money.