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Simple Homemade MilkTEA

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I am not comfortable to be seated and sleep the whole day

-Jazz VC

What’s up for today? Watching T.V, sleep around, listening to a good music, surfing the net…

Very typical activities that most people do’ I just want to make something “inventive”..charannn!!!

Here comes the Milk Tea invasion

“Kindat lang” copy cat from Mam G. haha

I’m searching for Top 10 best and famous MILK TEA:

  1.   Gong Cha
  2.   Serenitea
  3.   Cha time
  4.   Bubble Tea
  5.   Tea Tap
  6.   Happy Lemon
  7.   Cha Dao
  8.   Saint’s Alp
  9.   Moonleaf
  10.   Sip

So far I’ve only tried InfiniTEA, Dakasi, FruitEa and CUPTEA

 Truly I care about the taste of the Milk tea and one-of-a kind bestseller that they have. But I’m crave for the ambiance and the interior of the store.

Luckily I have time to create my own MILKTEA AT HOME (Jazz-TEA-it)

Super simple as easy as 1,2,3

All you  need is:

Lipton Tea

Carnation Evap.

Hot water

Tapioca Pearls

1 teaspoon of Sugar

six easy steps di ba’

Glance at Milk tea’ Try niyo mga madlang pipol 😉


God is so Good’ He always surprised me everyday

-Jazz VC


Help and Share

               God gives me a perfect family and wonderful blessings and I know I’ll never take it for granted I need to learn how to give value to money and learn to share what I have to others. Every morning I always told myself “another lucky and fruitful day ahead of me because of God’s unending grace”.

I share my knowledge by suggesting advice’s and be contented to what you have now. Loving my friends and family is my number one priority’ adding full respect and trust with them is the secret formula to live life to the fullest with no regrets.

“Lord Salamat po sa mga biyaya niyo, lubos po ang aking pasasalamat”

Lagi niyo pong ginagabayan ang kuya at tatay ko na bumubuhay sa amin at hindi kami pinababayaan

I LOVE YOU IDOL “Jesus Christ”

Foods make the world go round

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Pictures reveal the REAL YOU

-Jaz VC

I always saved money for emergency purposes like unplanned outing and night out. This sembreak I invade the different malls especially SM Megamall to buy something sweet check out this ‘sugary cupcakes, doughnuts, cookies and sylvanas.

Sweet Tooth, hooorey’ Beard Papas, Napoleon, Country Style and Sophie Mom Delicacies




Hungry Jazz or Crazy jazz? Ooops I’m just a fan of country style foods (Oreo flavor)

Guys if you have a free time enjoy the different foods around the mall’ slightly costly but taste yummy 



Practice is a habit

-Jaz VC

{{{{Informal settlers and illegal vendors should be legalized}}}

Yeah I know here in the Philippines we should follow the law created by the Government. I always felt sorry when the news flash discussed about “demolish action in slum area, special operation in removing illegal vendors etc.”

“Di nila kasalanan na ipinanganak silang mahirap, kahit na alam nila na bawal ginagawa parin nila para kumita. Sana lang magkaroon ng malasakit ang mga armadong pulis at makapanyarihang namumuno sa isang lungsod na huwag naman daanin sa dahas ang pagtrato sa kanila. Mga tao sila at hindi hayop, namumuhunan sila sa mga ibinebenta nila kahit ang iba ay utang pa. Ang itinuturing nilang bahay na yari sa tagpi tagping yero at mga kawayan, nakikipagpatayan sila para hindi ituloy ang pag-demolished sa bahay nila”.

We all have different opinions but I hope we become united and avoid harsh behavior, there are many problems but you can choose a lot of solutions.


No coffee needed: Challenging works keeps me awake

-Jaz VC

  Ate Ania recommend me to try this 365 DAY CHALLENGE,  I find it cool and exciting, since I want something “unusual” I have a chance to explore my mind’ to plan and think what I’m going to do tomorrow and for the next day. Perfect challenge for me to enhance my imagination, WELCOME TO MY WORLD.

Day 1: hopes, dreams, and plans for the next 365 days with a picture of yourself 

I have a simple goal, While I’m young I work to learn not to earn

PAGE # 1

Walking closet

I’m hoping to have this organize closet at home inspired by Kim Chui Doll house interior design.


I believe that true learning are not only found in books and in classroom, the secret? you must experience it. That’s why travel in and out of the country will open a lot of priceless journey and once in a lifetime adventure.

Womens Health

During my High school days I’m look like ugly duckling because of too many pimples and poor diet system. I only read “womens health” mag to inspire me to boost my confidence by first cleansing my inner body. I dreaming to write one article about health tips for college women.

Learn how to drive

My parents were planned to enroll me at a professional driving school and I wish I could make it happen this coming summer of 2013.

 PAGE #2

Food Blogging and Vlogging

I have a fast metabolism and eating is my number one priority, why? I feel so much hunger when I don’t feed up my flat belly. Sharing delicious foods and DIY munchies will help me to widen my awareness  to eat this and not that philosophy.

Maroon 5

Exceptional performers’ that is MAROON 5. I wish to see them in person.


My best ever dream, I’m planning to establish a one-stop-shop mobile food cart, a school supplies store or shoes and bags boutique.

Live watching and witnessing a senate hearing

I want to see the process of arguing with senate to their fellow senator/s when there is a hearing or new bill. Plus, seeing their serious face like what I see on T.V.

 PAGE #3

Watching Chef Boy Logro cooking show

He reminds me of my Tatay Cesar’ chef by profession. I’m hoping to experience the “” and “yum..yum..yum” expression while tasting his royal foods.

See Ms. Kris Aquino in person

Queen of all media, my icon Ms. Kris Aquino.I admire her frank personality and pang’masa-sossy attitude.

Sulitin ang oras habang kontrol mo pa

-Jaz VC

Bakasyon grande’ yan ang madalas kong sabihin sa mga ganitong pagkakataon.Itago muna ang mga school works at  hello bahay muna, kasi naman madalas akong nasa dorm kaya sobrang namimiss ko ang bahay namin. Hindi para matulog ng higit pa sa walong oras, maglakwatsa magdamag o kaya manuod ng T.V buong hapon. Ito ang tamang pagkakataon upang tumulong sa mga gawaing bahay at kamustahin ang mga malalayong kamag-anak at kaibigan.

Nagwawalis ng bakuran, nagpupunas ng mga bintana, naglalampaso ng sahig,

tutor  ng mga nakakabatang pinsan ganyan ako kasipag hehe…

Enjoy lang akong gawin yung mga bagay na palagi ko narin ginagawa, wala sa mood ko ang siyesta time…di ko lang trip, nakakatamad matulog promise. Kanina lang paggising ko, nagmuni muni ng konti pagkatapos nagbasa ng PDF books, bigla ko tuloy naalala yung 48 Laws of Power By Richard Greene. Highly recommended siya ng isa sa mga closest friend ko, habang binabasa ko yung libro di ko namalayan na 12n.n na pala imagine nagising ako ng 6 a.m then tinapos kong basahin yung libro ng alas dose ng tanghali. Ibigsabihin lang nun nagustuhan ko ang nilalaman ng libro dahil di lang siya tungkol sa leadership pati teamwork at marketing strategy narin.

Sa bawat araw na nagdaan tinatry kong magbasa ng ibat ibang klase ng libro.

Sembreak deeds

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I always keep myself busy because too much rest can lead to laziness

-Jaz VC

School works is over its time for a brand new day to relax, meditate and have fun; two weeks before the sembreak I jot downs my activities-to-do:

  • Tutor my little cousin to recognize different colors and to master the English alphabet
  • Treat my grandmother (movies, shopping and lunch date)
  • Clean my messy closet
  • Learn to use movie maker ( I have a 30% knowledge on using that)
  • I will finish reading my new pdf books
  • Enrol in my neighbour baking class next week
  • Gimmicks with my barkadas “kikayz (my elementary batchmates), “chickkas (H.S friends)
  • Hang out with my best friend Jill
  • Go shopping with my mother

Only me Moments

  • Read all the assorted magazines gave by my brother
  • Have some foot spa and new haircut
  • Discover new “energy booster smoothes” at home
  • Create personal gifts for Christmas
  • Review the basic accounting

I’ll make sure that I have a lot of budget this vacation to accomplish all my wish list. I usually explore my world at home because I want to treasure the “priceless” moments being with my family.