Sembreak deeds

Posted: October 23, 2012 in Uncategorized

I always keep myself busy because too much rest can lead to laziness

-Jaz VC

School works is over its time for a brand new day to relax, meditate and have fun; two weeks before the sembreak I jot downs my activities-to-do:

  • Tutor my little cousin to recognize different colors and to master the English alphabet
  • Treat my grandmother (movies, shopping and lunch date)
  • Clean my messy closet
  • Learn to use movie maker ( I have a 30% knowledge on using that)
  • I will finish reading my new pdf books
  • Enrol in my neighbour baking class next week
  • Gimmicks with my barkadas “kikayz (my elementary batchmates), “chickkas (H.S friends)
  • Hang out with my best friend Jill
  • Go shopping with my mother

Only me Moments

  • Read all the assorted magazines gave by my brother
  • Have some foot spa and new haircut
  • Discover new “energy booster smoothes” at home
  • Create personal gifts for Christmas
  • Review the basic accounting

I’ll make sure that I have a lot of budget this vacation to accomplish all my wish list. I usually explore my world at home because I want to treasure the “priceless” moments being with my family.


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