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Figure it out

Posted: November 30, 2012 in Uncategorized

What a boiling water day haha.. it feels like summer in the mid of Christmas.

It’s time for another busy day in our subject company for research, I always feel excited pacing at URC. Simply sense the work of an HR by means of observing and talking, as I observe HR employees and staff wear their respective uniform with a description telling “HR STAFF”. I’ll rate it good somehow something is mislaid which is make up. Just a simple press powder and a good lipstick whoalaaa…perfect’ they will look better. But I notice most of them look simple as in so simple, maybe they work so hard thus no time for pampering themselves. I f I will be working in a good company I will apply the “dress to impress” RULES. Promise.



Early Bird

Posted: November 24, 2012 in Uncategorized

6:20 a.m

I feel physically demotivated when I woke up late in the morning, when I see the burning sunlight looking at me and say “hey sister gising ka na tanghali na”. I become more aware about my sleeping pattern, to the point wherein I’ll never sleep if I didn’t accomplish my task for that day.

My family love to work early in the morning when “Haring araw is on his way”, they listen to the radio particularly DZMM, cooking breakfast and doing household chores for the whole day. And yet the only time they get in the bed is at night. They don’t like sitting the whole day, kinda Boring and usual thing to do for most people.

In my case I want to practice my professionalism (even if I am a student) the routine of “quick shift”. I can woke up early without an alarm clock and keep awake without something to sip like coffee.

Look at our ancestors before they don’t have clock’ to know what time is it,  but they become more productive. I give you guys an example: Banauwe Rice Terraces;  fantastic view, amazing construction, one of a kind work, and very unique. In those times there were no engineer yet, but see they can produce much better by exerting efforts in it.

“Less is more”, the early you woke up the more blessings and activities you can accomplish.

It really hard to run through this “early bird attitude” although in my case I can think of deeper idea and lots of joyfulness in my heart and definitely no hesitation. At times I was dreaming “ pahiram lang to ni Lord, sarap mabuhay sa mundong ibabaw kapag nakakagawa ka ng mabuti sa iba at sinusulit ang mga sandaling buhay sa regalo ng maykapal” .




adorable kids

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I want to be forever young

-Jazz VC

                Yesterday was my cousin Diana Marie 5th birthday, I help my aunt to prepare the foods, party bags giveaways etc.

I was smiling the whole day capturing the little kids with their “japorms” outfit. They were all excited for the consolation gift and energized to participate in the games. I was dreaming to become a kinder teacher haha..I was thinking if I will turn out to be a teacher I always be young at heart and for all time test my patience.


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Explore the place, and try something new

-Jazz VC

Last Saturday Morning my family goes to “Kamay Ni Hesus” in Lucban Quezon.

After a long trip we search for some restaurant to feed our hungry belly, we try to take our lunch at MUSTIOLAS an old structured house with a tunnel inside. They serve lutong bahay foods and very affordable, their traditional halo-halo is very lip smacking sooo trueee for only 45 pesos.

So next time that you will visit Lucban Quezon make sure that you stop over at mustiolas and also try buddy’s and cafe San Luis that you can found nearby.

OFFCAM magazine

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Reading colored magazine is my passion

-Jazz VC

I have a huge collection of magazine some of them are related to food,travel, lifestyle and showbiz but I have a favorite type of magazine which is informative and very interesting ‘ whooooa OFFCAM MAG.

This issue is “da best” all the story they feature talks about “broadcaster Momahh”, I aspire their excellent dedication in their line of work and balancing their time between their kids, career, husband and hobbies.