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say cheese

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first “gala” with ate hazel and our family 😉


It’s Your birthday.

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great 🙂 God is really Good

My year ender comfort zone

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December is the happiest celebration in the world commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ. Many OFW’s and foreigner’s spend their vacation here “kasi iba talaga ang paskong pinoy”.

Christmas Sale, Bazaar, charity works, freebies, free concert, fireworks display, delicious foods, reunions, exchange gifts and bonuses are among the highlights every Christmas.

As a true-blood catholic I’m not a traditional type of person that completely attend the simbang gabi. I don’t need to prove myself to God how much faith I have, rather I pray every day and do goods with others.

HELLO 2013 is much awaited by every one of us…but I want to be grateful for 2012 that shows me that life is very meaningful all year round.


I have my list of people, places and events

that justly give me a life

changing contribution in the year 2012:

Life changing PEOPLE

  1. Ate Ray Ann & Sheila (the perfect tandem)- I can see to them the qualities of being a leader and an HR. They value their time, and never feel the grace under pressure whenever urgent things need to be done.

Learning’s: Don’t let things happen, make a choice and always aim for improvement.

2. People at Tong Hsing-OJT experience (the real drama/reality) – Seeing a true scenario of my future in HR is a big thing. Handling an office task and meet people who performed well in the organization is a big honour because of them I realized how important the word “hard work and courage” to stay in the company.

Learning’s-  They teach me to grow in every assignment that I need to perform and most especially value the people around you by means of proper communication and building good relationship.

3. Ate Ania & Ate Nova (Ageless idea) – they are my sisters in school and partner in every problem of my life. I can share to them freely my happiness and loneliness incident that end into a meaningful reflection.

Learning’s- Use your strengths to standout and don’t afraid to try something new.

4. Ate Imarie (problems survivor) – We’ve been friends for almost 3 years, an engineering graduate and a business woman. We had an opposite life; I salute her fighting spirit to defeat all deep problems that challenge her days. She has a broken family and abusive step mother, she provide her family expenses even if she earn an adequate salary. As much as possible I make a time to meet her once a month. Favorite bonding namin and pagkain kasama ang masarap na kwentuhan, she looks very positive and fearless. Sabi nya “alam mo jaz mas matapang na ako ngayon kahit simpleng problema lang may solusyon na agad ako kasi immune na ako sa problema kaya normal lang sa akin yun”.

Learning’s- Choose to be happy and don’t take your problem seriously. FAITH is a powerful weapon but in life it depends on the person on how he defines PROBLEMS.

All the people I’ve met in life are very significant: school friends, old friends, professional people, ordinary person, neighbourhood etc. I’m not afraid to talk to them and say “hi or hello”.  I’m just want to know how much their feel and how can I help them are the two main things why I love to socialized.

 Life changing PLACES

1. DAKASI- I’m not a coffee lover so I switch to Milk tea, this place outline a lot of cheerful memories with my random friends.

2. Student Center- I called this “tambayan”; every vacant I talk to people I’ve known sharing some of the learning’s I grasp for the past days and exchanging meaningful ideas. This is literally my “FACEBOOK” ( face-to-face communication).

 3. Veranda at our dorm- I appreciate everything in my life, I woke up at 6 a.m everyday just to feel the cold temperature while waiting for the sunrise and hot chocolate at my side.  While doing my inhale and exhale routine every morning I also close my eyes and talk to God and say Thank you and blessed the people in the world.

Life changing EVENTS

1. Eating lunch and dinner with my genuine friends- My dorm mates always check my schedule to set a special appointment to hang out with them. We create special bonding and meaningful chatting especially when somebody has a problem and casual-girl-talks.

 2. Reunited family- It is our first time to celebrate the Christmas and New Year season with complete family members. My tatay, Nanay and Kuya, we spend our time in our HOME and going to different places.  Our simple family is very down to earth, even if we earn so many blessings that we never expect’also we remain very conventional—FAMILY CENTERED.

 3. Ordinary Day- I believe some of you will react, why can I say that ordinary day is belonging to life changing events. Well normal days like attending class, ride on a jeepney, doing your hobbies, talking to someone, etc. Seems typical day for others; however THIS TYPICAL DAY IS VERY SPECIAL TO ME. It’s like every day is Monday and a brand new chapter of my life on earth.

My description of fulfilment and indebtedness cannot be measure to the wealth I earn or gadgets I have nor numerous friends on Facebook and twitter followers. It’s about being grown-up every day and to perceive NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.

Lets   embrace this 2013 to improve our self, and always look back to the people that stay behind forever.Create possibilities. START NOW. And soon you will harvest the fruit of your success.



After four years I finally met my ultimate friend “gen”, she’s my grade one until 1st year high school best friend ( until now and forever) . I miss her chubby face and humble personality, during our plain times we do this crazy thing like:

-Role Playing of  Snow white and the seven dwarfs , ‘sikyo”, Chinese Garter, Play Barbie dolls, busy playing jack stone and hang out with my classmate’s house, mag 1-2-3 sa jeep, lunch with her house, not doing our assignments, chatting during discussion time and go out to the room and stay at the canteen.See, everything is so ideal we enjoy our youngster’s time.

I presume’ mid Grade six we learn to talk about boys and conscious about our looks. My friend Geneva is always at my side listening to various stories and advice’s me to what to do next.


I remember we both join drum and lyre for two years; we totally like to play lyre with drums.  We always come home late “kasi lagi kaming nagagala” we adore to ride on a tricycle with “Mang Arthur” (the owner of the tricycle and her sevice) nag-eenjoy kaming mag-Joyride within the vicinity of  Nagcarlan.

Imagine at the age of 11 and 12, umuuwi na ako ng gabi’ syempre napapagalitan ako pero never mind nalang yun basta ang alam ko minsan lang tayo maging bata hehe

They lived now at Manila, her parents choose her to study at Adamson University and took up ECE. I’ll  never forget to acknowledge her everyday throughout the years we didn’t see each other I make the first move to greet her at FB to check her status and texting her like ‘hi and hello’.

I miss her so much ‘kaya nung nagkita kami kanina sinulit ko talaga yung kwentuhan namin’.

I love her Lola’ (kahit na medyo oldies na, kilala parin niya ako)…

If you ask me to define friend, this is my simple answer:

Friend is someone you can lean on,

You don’t need to find a friend with the same personality that you have, just enjoyed their companionship then soon you will see different results.

“the more the merrier” is applies (sometimes)

But still memories count rather than years… Ang kaibigan ay parang isang ‘fruit cake’ itago mo man ng matagal di nasisira; at lalo pang tumatamis or sumasarap.

This afternoon someone gave me a copy of THE KNIGHT (Letran Calamba publication). I scan the whole content of the newspaper and I find interesting topic that I relate most it is entitled “the life of a college student”.


I also have my own version:

It is given that Life at college is full of surprises because you cannot predict the moment, which requires effort, sleepless nights, sacrifices and some “haggard” outlook but the result of uphill struggle or in tagalong kina-career paid off because the result seemingly the grades is quite rewarding.

I change every stages of my college years, First year college is really  FIRST for me: new culture, new friends, lots of school work loads and most especially time-consuming assignments and projects that needs to work on. My only dream is to finished my program and get not only a good but of course a better job.

Letran seems new to me, from that time I treat this school as first class due to the fact that the facilities amazed me genuinely.(mababaw lang ako eh)

Honestly I’ll never envision entering with those prestigious and known schools in the Philippines coz’ I am satisfied to where I am now. Looking at my fellow batch mates in high school (where others are now working after h.s, having their own family and entering in government schools) I’m lucky enough to come into a known school in Laguna that provides quality education.

One of my board mates ask me “jaz bakit ang dami mong kakilala or si jaz oh tatakbo ata sa election”. I can’t explain why because I didn’t planned to have many friends, I just be myself and recognized them every single moment just like in H.S.

It adds “life” in my college ladder, building good relationship with them and never feels bored to talk to someone. It trains my confidence to grow as a person and from friendship you put up it ends with lots of lesson.

COLLEGE times is not about to study, learn, adopt, act and getting a high grades sometimes you need an outlet to share your thoughts, ideas and feelings to others.

My only advice is that do not be afraid to blend with other people, focus on your strength rather than your weaknesses, adversity may come around but believe me your friend/s is the greatest problem solver.

A trip to remember

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I need to wake up earlier this morning to do some stretching because the only thing that makes me energetic is to “move around” (no coffee allowed please).

My schedule for today is to bring my good friends ate rocky, ruby, tricia and kat to the owner of famous delicacies in Nagcarlan for their subject in Entrepreneurship. I’ll show them some tourist spot like underground cemetery, kenna’an and ralphjoy resto; owner and producer of the well-known uraro, espasol and cassava delight roughly in my hometown.

While they are making their moments of excitement I bring to mind some collection of memoirs during my elementary and highschool era, hehe.


Just a little sharing:

I am super “lagalag”- a Filipino slang word for a person who is adventurous and love to mingle.

I am not school and bahay person that time, I stay in my classmates house every recess or after our class. During weekends we play tagu-taguan, Barbie dolls or watching movies by renting at video city again in my other classmate’s house. Technology is not so much important that time so we enjoy to bond and gimmick most of our free time.

Since we are only 13 in the class we are so close with their parents. We always bring “old camera (with a film)” just to record all of those exclusive moments. I am not stock in the school just to learn even in my early years in elementary I remain sociable person and the joker of the clan.

Every places in Nagcarlan teach me good familiarity of what is my purpose in life.

Back to our Nagcarlan tour…They call me “tour guide” because every place we went on has a story. It reveals my deep knowledge of what is there in Nagcarlan.

They make a short interview for those successful entrepreneur people that are well known in our town, we also have a luscious lunch near the church of our town. We order buttered chicken, that wow in taste and in price.

LAST AGENDA: I bring them also to “tsinelas capital of Laguna” (LILIW), they look around and amaze for numerous tsinelas to choose in cheaper price.

They are like my sisters and trusted classmates, they are all outgoing person and very appreciative. I’ll always make time to help them because “moments are priceless”.



Instant Mania

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I was inspired by the article that I browse last week at our school library; I used to track the opinion section of Manila Bulletin. Even if random judgment and latest news or shall we say “napapanahong balita” I do examine it and absorb the message they want to convey.

It’s all about INSTANT (instant coffee, instagram, the famous instant noodles, instant picture editor, instant message etcetera…)

I don’t want to use the common word instant because I have my own version which is “No hassle free world”.

Technological advancement is good but if we continuously spoil ourselves maybe worse might happen.

We always hear the word MODERATION mostly in foods but applying this beliefs will surely benefits you in this fast-paced environment.

“Maraming ibat ibang sakit ang nauuso ngayon (yung iba kakaiba ang pangalan) pero naisip nyo ba kung anong dahilan ng lahat ng ito? Sa aking opinion nagkakaroon ng maraming uri ng di masustansyang pagkain na patok sa mga busy na tao. Bukod dito konti nalang sa atin ang nag-eexercise dahil narin sa walang oras at panahon.

Sana lang mamulat tayo sa katotohanan na ang mga “hi-tech” na bagay ay naandyan lamang para magbigay tulong sa ating kayod-kabayong pamumuhay. Gamitin sana natin sa tama at huwag sa pambibiktima ng mga inosenteng tao.

Use your gadgets WISELY