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Recall memoirs of Makipamuhay

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       Last January 25-27 I volunteer as a maki-facilitator ;assigned in Tavera, Pakil Laguna, despite of “thesis rush” I have no regret to strive for my aspiration. I feel fulfilled and satisfied experiencing this spur duty.

     I am assigned at 2HRM2 section together with Mam audz, Sir Xian and Mon. This section were very lively, resourceful and nippy though some of them make a violation but in totality they do a great job.

   It serves as my training (waking up earlier, taught how to mingle with others and most especially to become sensitive in my environment). To be honest I am not an academic whiz person, I do what I love to do but of course I balance my time doing my urgent task and recreational activities.

I am glad to see new faces of students experience this immersion with different stories that I felt before.

I want to undergo an unusual life and experience by facing my fears, thanks to 2hrm2 students by teaching me plentiful of lessons that I will cherish forever. I hope they reflect deeply with this once in a lifetime deeds.


                                            BEFORE AND PRESENT


                 2HRM2 With their adorable pose under the heat of the sun



Proud daughter

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Every morning I always do creepy things like woke up earlier in the morning walking outside our garden, eating 2 set of breakfast first food is composed of bread and hot chocolate drink then second meal around 9 a.m any viand with rice, Sometimes I’d like to look in the mirror and acting like a model haha…
This morning I wrote this gratitude letter for my parents, I don’t know the reason but I write it from my heart.
Countless times I told God that “I AM GRATEFUL” having this secure family that close to perfection.


I have many relatives both on my father and mother side, so yearly (January 6) my parents allocate more budget for the food, helper, cook, decoration, videoke, tent and “crispy money” hehe for their God Children and oldies.

We expect more visitors this year, because it happens that my father and brother vacation is extended until January 15. Therefore, they carry out a small game like pinoy henyo to entertain our visitors 1st prize: $5 2nd and 3rd prizes is $10.

My parents were very “pleasant” in dealing with people kaya hindi na ako nagtataka na maraming bisita kasi para sa kanila di mahalaga yung laki ng ginastos basta nagbubuklod at nagsasama sama ang isang pamilya ang pinaka masayang moment sa buhay ng isang tao.

My duty is to act like an assistant of our cook

My Brother is the driver to buy necessary matter for the event;he is also assign for technical

My Loving parents are the Boss and manager they supervise the taste of the food and the one who delegate our task

“We are the incredible family” Lols.

A lot of our visitors speak unending thank you, perhaps it reflects to the way on how our family treat every people around of us.

We are not superstar but believe me many people look upon us because we value the act of giving.

I don’t want to utter the value of giving by lending money, but to help them in other way. Like simply sharing our food to our neighbours, acknowledge their kindness when we ask favour and treating our helper like a family.

I felt tired the whole day engaging to our beloved ‘once in a blue moon relatives’ hehe.

My best rewards: Seeing the smile of the youngsters and pre-teens receiving small amount of money and say thank you po…

Though clash of minds between  (Nanay at Tatay) occur  they still sweet.sweeter and sweetest to each other.