Overjoyed BD celebration in Bahay ni Maria

Posted: February 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

One week before my special day comes I suppose to plan for a picnic type lunch with my good friends in HRDM, Marketing, Accountancy, HRM and ABCOM. But in my mind I want to commemorate my birthday with the people that close to my heart (aside from my family, I adore elders).


Homemade cupcakes from my best friend Jill Ann

Sharing aside I am “lola’s girl”, she’s always there at my me, whether Christmas party at school, my performance number, card giving and graduation. I am willing to give up everything for my Lola Flor who’s love and care cannot be duplicated. Since I was young I understand that my parents are busy to earn lots of money for our future (that mentality was came also to my lola).  I’ll never hear any terrible words from her; she loves to encourage me in the right path.

From that moment of reflection I choose to celebrate my birthday with the elders, but the big problem is when, where and how. Grabbing my lappy, I search for charitable institution in Calamba, Laguna. Luckily there are many blogs sharing their collection of memories with elder at Bahay ni Maria in Brgy. Sampiruhan.


Monday morning I go  there to visit the place and make an appointment too. I arrive alone, but I leave with pleasure because I met the beautiful lola’s in Bahay ni Maria.

On the next day Feb. 12, 2013, together with my best friend Jill Ann. We bring some foods for their lunch.

How can I describe my feeling?


While I was walking to bring their food I heard two lola’s singing Happy Birthday Song, Maalaala mo kaya etc. I feel so special, all I want to do is to cry and hug them (tears of joy and surprise). Seriously I’ll never experience this before.

I roam around them and ask Sister Evelyn and various caregiver about the different stories behind these innocent people.

According to them, they are randomly come from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. They found on the street and abandoned by their families. These Lola’s is very weak and need intensive care, despite of their condition they can laugh and perform well’ (I owe their good memories in memorizing the lyrics of the song).

I keep on being quiet and pray that soon their families might find them. I also salute the concerned people who took care of them for the longest time.

Being a Lola’s girl, they are very close to my heart.

My dear friends I hope you recognize the value of sharing and giving back by pondering exceptional joy in their hearts (elders). Don’t hesitate to help, you don’t need to have perfect time just to lend a hand…it’s our duty and responsibility to aid people in need. The best gift for them is OURSELVES.

They don’t need money to sustain their needs but unconditional love.

I will always include them in my prayers. I LOVE YOU ALL’ hip Lola’s of BAHAY NI MARIA.





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