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Authentic smile

Posted: March 31, 2013 in Uncategorized

3:00 p.m

While I was riding on a jeep (starting point calamba going to sta.cruz), heavy traffic arises and hot temperature boost.
I was sitting beside manong driver; because of myriad resorts at pansol you can see a lot of families spending their vacation and leisure time here in LAGUNA.
The story that I want to share doesn’t fall on the summer getaway of Filipino families. Going back to the jeepney story, while I enjoy the endures view of different summer attraction in pansol and LB I observed manong driver.
The story:
There is an old woman, wearing a tedious clothes and want to ride on the jeepney she ask manong driver to accept her seven pesos jeep fair just to reach “masapang”. I suppose manong will ignore the old woman favour, instead he accommodate the old woman .
Hearing that noteworthy reply from manong is really remarkable to me.
The reason:
Typical driver nowadays are “kaskasero,masungit, mainitin ang ulo etc.
I’m relentless and hopeful that still many people are good Samaritan. Kahit kaunti lang ang mga pasahero ni manong driver at minsan ay napapakamot ng ulo kapag traffic sa daan, di nya nakakalimutan na ngumiti.
This bonafide story reminds me that even if you are well off, average, poor, near to death, having no hope for another tomorrow, broken family, single parent, out of school youth, abandoned child and loner,. We need to practice and value the expensive SMILE that attracts positivity in our life.