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Is there a job for me?

Posted: May 12, 2013 in Uncategorized


It is exactly 45 days at the moment when I graduate in college, the times when you are eager to have work and search for the right path that you want to pursue.

When my friend ask me, “jaz what are your plans after grad.?

I reply with a big smile and said “hmmmn bahala na, basta when opportunity comes I’ll take it agad.

But to be honest I always prepared myself, I don’t want to get shocked and think recklessly when a certain situation comes.

Then here it is –MY FUTURE,

I am currently working now at The Buffet International Cuisine… (so far I enjoy my work)


God is so good for giving me a special gift that I will never forget

I need to depart my world from the past, before I used to go shopping, eating with friends, discover my own recipe at home, blogging, watch the movies I want, chitchat with my genuine pals, reading some books, and surf in the net about the current events nowadays.

Like what I said I always prepared, SACRIFICE is not a big deal for me in fact I’ll take it as a challenge as in big challenge that teach me to grown up. I’m 21 y.o girl who want to travel around and seek to upgrade my knowledge every day.

Of course I miss my laptop because it helps me to take away my boredom, but it is not the answer to all by myself moment. I’ll bring good books in my boarding house and I visit in a place that I never known before.

Culture shocked? Yes I experienced it…

However I am not pressured because I have the confidence to show up to them

When I got my first salary I feel so thankful (realizing the fact that not everybody is possessing this amount most especially the left behind people here on earth). I share it with my parents and lola…

I never think of buying any gadgets or losing all my money with glamour dress and jewellery, because I know how to value my money (Thanks Sir Robert Kiyosaki). Because I know there is a perfect time for all my wants…

Working is a time-eaters for those who are tired of learning, but a new transformation for a person who hunt for success.