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Posted: July 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

People nowadays has different plans in their lives- travel abroad,having their own business, to become rich and others want to have a simple life.

My goal when i was college is different now because there is a lot of changes that needs big acceptance. To be honest im not a too detailed person, because i believe that unplanned things is the most exciting part of my life. 

Now that im working i appeciate a single centavo that i have, i budget my money for two weeks then i jot down my earnings. It seems that i save money not because i want to buy countless things that girls must have but i earn for others. For me acquiring new knowledge at my work is a greatest gift from God- salary is just a reward and bonus. I dedicate my savings to the important people of my life like my grandmother. I am totally different because at my young age i know where to invest and when is the time to spend. 

I am eager to write this blog because i am thankful for those people who were able to give to others even if they are financially disabled. Im talking about our maintenance staff, his name is kuya francis (a father to his childreN and kind husband to his wife). After receiving his service charge, he immediately treat us. I salute this person because he share his blessings and bring joy with others.

But when you analyze he who has the money is very thrifty to share what they have, all they want is to multiply their gold. 

Well that is the reality, too love for money is not healthy…

May the lord multiply your blessings kuya francis. You are an amazing man.