Seventeen of April 2013

Posted: April 19, 2014 in Uncategorized

Happy anniversary to my recent job, it’s been a year when I start working at Quezon City.

I just want to share my sincere experience to you guys…lets begin


 Its hard for me to adjust because I don’t know about the place that I’m living now, I cant take an absent just like the college days and also I can’t do my hobbies just like the old times. The word sacrifice implies on this situation, im blessed beyond my expectation because I learned so much about my job and I gain confidence through it.

Going back to the word sacrifice, actually I’m superwoman who want to do many things in one day (but as saying goes multi tasking is not good).

In that one year that I’ve work I have a limited time for my family, unreplied messages to my friends, not attending important events like multiple seminars that I’m dream of,baking class that I declined and charity works that I didn’t start yet.

SACRIFICE (big word isn’t)

Looking at the bright side I remain strong and honing my patient attitude that is hard to find. There is one point in my work life that I want to quit due to repetition of work  particularly employees problem, unending task and demanding time. If you will ask me now why I continue again my work despite of my multiple reasons.

Well my answer is “life goes on” I think Im more focused on my self alone, I have a lots of demands, but looking at the millions of Filipinos suffering from poverty,hunger,unemployment and child labor I’m just lucky enough receiving a fair salary and eating 3 times a day.

People say I came from well off  family so that money is not a problem for me. Honestly, I budget my money alone, my priority is to save money to buy books and helping needy people and that’s all. I’d rather spend my time thinking of a solution to my problem rather than talking of other people’s lives.

Being my first job I know how to respect people and I know when to speak up, I guess you don’t need more degree just to prove yourself that you have the highest I.Q among the rest.

I encounter it on my job, I remain calm and pray for them. I don’t want to tell them that “hey did you hear what you are saying” your such a big SH**.


Confucius said:

“The grass must bend when the wind blows across it”


I can embrace change as far as I can, I hope everybody do it too..because it is the best attitude that we can be proud of.

I didn’t avoid arguments I just want to act professionally, I’m a problem solver rather than a nagger.

An Hr job is a very challenging role for me, I rather  make some write ups about our economy and stay being an average employee. But that is not God plans for me, I accept what is given without any hesitation. I question the things that I can’t understand because it is free and everyone has a freedom to ask.


If I will search for another job again I’ll go to become a magazine writer (creating an article about success and lifestyle etc.) like Laida Magtalas, a researcher or became a professor.


To my fellow friends who experience the same thing, grabbed the stress until you can why? Because one day you can say to everybody “what you think of me is not my business” I’m keep on doing my job and that’s it. Clap clap


Be brave and keep on learning (add smile on it)



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