Young Urban Professionals

Posted: November 20, 2014 in Uncategorized

Nowadays people are more matured on how they see their lives in the future. They have multiple dreams and start polishing it during their early childhood. Lucky are those who make it til the end together with the support of their family.

As a starter in corporate world I’ve seen people in their early 20’s became a younger manager and supervisors. I amazed with these generation because they have the guts to play their role in the industry.

I admit I’m one of those “daydreamer” who are aiming high to achieve my aspirations. I never force myself to do it in just a snap of my finger, I prefer to be observant and listen to the stories of other people to discover what can be their answer with this 9 syllables question.

Q: What is your ultimate dreams in life?

  • To have a highest paying job
  • To become a manager of the company they are working with
  • To work abroad
  • To pass the board exam

Well bullet number one seems so common in my generation, in fact as early as 21 y.o they earn 25,000-30,000 in a monthly payout. But what confusing is they demand higher than this if they see themselves as an asset of the company. I’m not judging those persons but I just want them to realize that life is not all about MONEY. For the young urban professionals ages 19-29 I want to convey that they should learn to love their work rather loving the money they will earn on the given task why? Simply because they make their life miserable, they can’t appreciate the small blessings because they practice their mind to become a rich and famous one.

They didn’t see the 360 degree of “thankful things” we need to embrace.

I’m not stereotyping the younger generation now (that I also belong) but realizing the fact that you are not the only person that is qualified for the job, of course many people can do what you can do but be lucky you are the chosen person for that title. But always remember be humble and build a good relationship with other people, I assure you it worth one million of happiness (or maybe no value can price your fortunate route) if you look down and see how you become part of the journey of one person without minding what your salary is.

Several times I interview a lot of applicants in my previous job (which is the fulfilling part of my life), I talk to them freely and spontaneously I want to hear their stories from joyful to saddest point they are struggling with. Honestly, I learn to live simple and contented because as I summarize our applicants stories I reflect that whatever journey you take it’s really our choice.

Short note for young urban professionals:

You are now stepping up the corporate ladder of success at an early age but don’t be abusive about your power. Always improve yourself and appreciate the small stuff that God wants you to hold on. Balance your life by reaching your dreams at the same time  consult God for every trials you are facing every day.

Inhale Good, Exhale Better!


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