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2014 Year End THANK YOU Note

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We have few days left to exit from 2014 and hello 2015

I believe all of you never forget the memories, adventures, sadness, love, joy and blessings that 2014 leaves in your life. You have a lot of remarkable stories and people you want to remember and forget. Whether your path is different from the tales of the other person, still it is part of memoirs of your 2014.

I have my list of “5 significant person/places/event of the year 2014”

Family working-mates

In a workplace we need to find our ‘identical’ person who can help and guide us throughout the 8 hrs. And 6 days a week of our corporate life.

1. THANK YOU…Mam Vhel, Mam Nimpa and Kim they are my supporters in every corny jokes that I sneak, helping me out to solve hard issues of HR, teaching me the things that I didn’t know before but more than anything else I admire their love and honesty.



We are more than a family, I can work 12 hours a day together with them because their stamina and fondness towards their work is really incomparable

-Always Give someone unconditional LOVE

  1. Watching the ASAP live

It’s my ultimate dream to see the greatest performer on the Philippine TV like Gary V.,Martin Nievera and Yeng Constantino. I’m blessed to see them face to face and having a small talk at the backstage.


-Dream more while you’re awake

  1. Visiting Independent Resto Around Maginhawa Street QC

I have a weird taste when going into a restaurant I severely looking at the interior of the place, second is the taste and price.


Since I’m residing in QC for almost 1 year and a half I decided to discover the beauty of the city when it comes to their food. I can say that Maginhawa is the best place for food and coffee lovers, they have many selection of foods for family, barkada or a hobbyist like me . Each resto has a unique marketing strategy to attract more customers. So if you have a free time, try to visit this place.

-Find experiences that offer you deeper meaning


  1. Celebrate the most special events with my family

No family is perfect, we may experience unexpected “clashes and difficulty” but only God knows the perfect time to heal that wound.


Life goes on we need to celebrate the beauty of our existence here on earth.

Birthdays , anniversary, success, simple dinner or thanks giving party our family is our VIP.

They can be your organizer, planner and comedian for free.

This year we had a lot of celebration-bash that I am proud of, and I’m looking forward for merrymaking party for our get-together.

-Recall happy memories often

  1. Seeing my best friend happy and fulfilled

My life is much happier when I see others achieving their bright dream, JILL my bestfriend for almost seven years. Though we may not see each other everyday but I make sure I’m updated to her timeline. She is the best friend on earth you can ask her everything about cakes and desserts or even a perfect design for your event needs, her passion for baking is really good. I pray that many people will taste her cupcakes and be known for her craft.


 (one of her cupcake creation)

-Always work on improving yourself

Shout to the world what 2014 has done for you, you are the manager of your own life and you draw your own stories.

Don’t let it pass away like an ordinary day.

Be kind and create more stories and memories to the people around you.

365 days is too long enough to enjoy our life in a year.

I just want to impart to you the noteworthy quotes to describe my Big bang of 2014

Too often we underestimate the power of a TOUCH, a SMILE, a KIND WORD, a LISTENING EAR, an HONEST COMPLIMENT, or the smallest act of CARING, all of which have the potential to turn a LIFE around.

-Leo Buscaglia



KAROSHI (death from overworked)

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It was my rest day and I’m planning to buy a new book to read, something like a leadership and motivational book. Upon roaming around the bookstore I grab a book entitled “The power of doing LESS by Fergus O’Connell ”, the hardcover of the book looks so boring it has a plain white back ground and the font style and color look so common. But there is something in the book that I want to find out.

The intro starts with a quotes, and some short stories…

When I’m in the middle pages of the book I found the word “KAROSHI” a Japanese word means death from overworked.

The book relate it with a this short story:

It is about a hardworking father who died at his early 30’s and holding a higher position in a Toyota company. This man has no history of any diseases, he found death in the middle of the night in his office. According to the doctor, the causes of his death is stress and heart related problem. Based on his wife her husband is overworked and not having an ample time to rest.

I can relate with his story,

In my previous job , I work 12 hours a day sometimes and I work even on my rest day (well it is my choice of leaving late and work at Sunday’s) because that is me, I enjoy what I’m doing. I make it sure to put my 101% to make the job done.

But few months pass by I forget my family gathering, birthday of my friend, seminar that I want to attend and watch the latest movie. I chose to sleep and relax during my rest day because I know I had to face another tiring week.

I’m so much “in love” about my work to the point that I forget myself.

I’m listing down my top 5 personal guidance in avoiding overworked and how you will enjoy it:

  1. First things first- When you sit at your workplace station be sure you have the list of what to do on the day and prioritized what is urgent.
  2. Learn to woke up early- there is a cliché that the early bird catches the worm, well that is true when you set your body to woke up at 6 a.m so be it. I assure your entire day will be very productive.
  3. Don’t be too serious when working- you must learn how to enter in a conversation when your office mate tells a joke or sharing a stories. We think it destructs us but you will see a good result. This conversation while working enables you to energize after a long shhhh… moment while doing your work. You feel meditate afterwards.
  4. Healthy lifestyle- Don’t be complacent on drinking too much coffee while at work just in moderation. Grab some fresh fruits and eat healthy foods, If you are healthy inside you produce excellent performance outside.
    1. Be organize- too much papers to read, review and approve is a headache for most of us. Make a time to sort out unnecessary things and organized them. You didn’t notice that you consume a lot of time looking for a missing paper that is front of you.

    *Organized yourself- All of the abovementioned tips will not be possible if you didn’t organized yourself well. Your work and how you work reflects who you are even if you are at home.

    I experience that kind of problem, I tell myself that today I will clean my mess and I will maintain and make it a habit. I prove to myself that “I can manage myself well”

    For those students, young adult and professionals whose job requires a lot of time give yourself a break once in a while and think happy thoughts even if you are stress from work.

    It’s like a game (learn it’s rule), you know first the mechanics then proceed to the process on winning the game but upon finishing it don’t forget to pamper yourself physical and mentally.

    Now who says that working hard is bad?..

    It’s a matter of choice and information

    I hope you never quit your job after reading this hehe…

    Just enjoy the moment and coach yourself so that you can coach others too.