Why are Young People Unhappy?

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Benjamin Studebaker

I’ve noticed an interesting article floating around the internet. The piece, entitled “Why Generation Y Yuppies Are Unhappy” sees rampant narcissism and self-entitlement as the source of young people’s unhappiness. Does it have a case? Let’s take a look.

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Book Review: The Happiness Project.


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People nowadays has different plans in their lives- travel abroad,having their own business, to become rich and others want to have a simple life.

My goal when i was college is different now because there is a lot of changes that needs big acceptance. To be honest im not a too detailed person, because i believe that unplanned things is the most exciting part of my life. 

Now that im working i appeciate a single centavo that i have, i budget my money for two weeks then i jot down my earnings. It seems that i save money not because i want to buy countless things that girls must have but i earn for others. For me acquiring new knowledge at my work is a greatest gift from God- salary is just a reward and bonus. I dedicate my savings to the important people of my life like my grandmother. I am totally different because at my young age i know where to invest and when is the time to spend. 

I am eager to write this blog because i am thankful for those people who were able to give to others even if they are financially disabled. Im talking about our maintenance staff, his name is kuya francis (a father to his childreN and kind husband to his wife). After receiving his service charge, he immediately treat us. I salute this person because he share his blessings and bring joy with others.

But when you analyze he who has the money is very thrifty to share what they have, all they want is to multiply their gold. 

Well that is the reality, too love for money is not healthy…

May the lord multiply your blessings kuya francis. You are an amazing man.





Is there a job for me?

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It is exactly 45 days at the moment when I graduate in college, the times when you are eager to have work and search for the right path that you want to pursue.

When my friend ask me, “jaz what are your plans after grad.?

I reply with a big smile and said “hmmmn bahala na, basta when opportunity comes I’ll take it agad.

But to be honest I always prepared myself, I don’t want to get shocked and think recklessly when a certain situation comes.

Then here it is –MY FUTURE,

I am currently working now at The Buffet International Cuisine… (so far I enjoy my work)


God is so good for giving me a special gift that I will never forget

I need to depart my world from the past, before I used to go shopping, eating with friends, discover my own recipe at home, blogging, watch the movies I want, chitchat with my genuine pals, reading some books, and surf in the net about the current events nowadays.

Like what I said I always prepared, SACRIFICE is not a big deal for me in fact I’ll take it as a challenge as in big challenge that teach me to grown up. I’m 21 y.o girl who want to travel around and seek to upgrade my knowledge every day.

Of course I miss my laptop because it helps me to take away my boredom, but it is not the answer to all by myself moment. I’ll bring good books in my boarding house and I visit in a place that I never known before.

Culture shocked? Yes I experienced it…

However I am not pressured because I have the confidence to show up to them

When I got my first salary I feel so thankful (realizing the fact that not everybody is possessing this amount most especially the left behind people here on earth). I share it with my parents and lola…

I never think of buying any gadgets or losing all my money with glamour dress and jewellery, because I know how to value my money (Thanks Sir Robert Kiyosaki). Because I know there is a perfect time for all my wants…

Working is a time-eaters for those who are tired of learning, but a new transformation for a person who hunt for success.

Poverty elsewhere

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Did you see a lot of “tambay” in your place? What do you think they are thinking about their situation? Do you feel any sympathy to them?

I know there is a lot of a questions forming in your mind saying that being poor is the product of government corruption and love for power and money. I guess that is the outset before, however when you look at our economy today we are moving on little by little. The reason for this transformation relies to our leader and his subordinates; ‘tuwid na daan’ is not a fantasy any more it’s become worthiness.        

   The famous financial adviser Robert Kiyosaki said “Skills make you rich, not theories”, I crave for his words of wisdom when it come to success, prosperity and to become a financial literate. Being an observant citizen of this country I thought there is a never-ending cycle between the rich and the poor. I am not against Manny Pangilinan,Jaime Zobel de Ayala, Henry Sy,Lance Gokongwei, Napoleon Nazareno and Tony Tan Caktiong who are the rich and famous in this county where we belong.

My friends, netizen, critique for change, different party list, youth and the millions of people accused the rich for not helping them I recommend the book EXTRAORDINARY: stories from aspiring leaders by Victor Magdarang and Nikki Dy-Liacco. If you ask me now if leader is born to be a leader I will say NO. Look at the mirror and tell yourself am I competent to become rich and to become leader of this nation?. Each of us were given 24 hours and 365 days a year to show what we’ve got, you can choose to become forever poor or forever rich.

As I watch news on T.V they tell the reporters that they can’t feel the affluence of our country. Same scenario in the past 10 years ago (unemployement, hunger, education, health etc.) they have many concerns and what they do is to wait…and wait…

Our government at present accomplish anti poverty projects like cash incentives, discount on hospitals, mass hiring, sometimes free medical and dental check-ups, livelihood projects and scholarships for the youth and relocations of families.

Most Filipinos says it is not enough, oh Jesus Christ what kind of help will uplift them. If they want total change make an effort to change the sloth of being a diligence person.

I believe my fellow Filipino’s are hardworking so let your mind and body moves and be the change you want to be. Set a goal and believe that you can survive, government are just offering a support method but still we are the one who is responsible for ourselves. 

Authentic smile

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3:00 p.m

While I was riding on a jeep (starting point calamba going to sta.cruz), heavy traffic arises and hot temperature boost.
I was sitting beside manong driver; because of myriad resorts at pansol you can see a lot of families spending their vacation and leisure time here in LAGUNA.
The story that I want to share doesn’t fall on the summer getaway of Filipino families. Going back to the jeepney story, while I enjoy the endures view of different summer attraction in pansol and LB I observed manong driver.
The story:
There is an old woman, wearing a tedious clothes and want to ride on the jeepney she ask manong driver to accept her seven pesos jeep fair just to reach “masapang”. I suppose manong will ignore the old woman favour, instead he accommodate the old woman .
Hearing that noteworthy reply from manong is really remarkable to me.
The reason:
Typical driver nowadays are “kaskasero,masungit, mainitin ang ulo etc.
I’m relentless and hopeful that still many people are good Samaritan. Kahit kaunti lang ang mga pasahero ni manong driver at minsan ay napapakamot ng ulo kapag traffic sa daan, di nya nakakalimutan na ngumiti.
This bonafide story reminds me that even if you are well off, average, poor, near to death, having no hope for another tomorrow, broken family, single parent, out of school youth, abandoned child and loner,. We need to practice and value the expensive SMILE that attracts positivity in our life.

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